About University Union

The Cal State East Bay University Union is the gathering place for the campus community and its guests. Primarily student funded and supported, it is a place where students, faculty staff, alumni, and the community meet for meals, programs, services, and informal interaction.

As the living room and hub of the campus, the University Union is a safe place where students connect, engage, and transform. The environment of the Union is conducive to providing a wide range of services and experiences which recognize the cultural and social diversity and promote the potential of our campus family.

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality in our services and staff. We are receptive and responsive to the constant changes and diverse needs of our campus.

Remote Progress

Updated: Thursday, October 22, 2020

While CSUEB is managing the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the University Union (UU) Staff has been diligently working to figure out how we can provide services to the campus community during this un-precedent time. We have developed, and re-developed several plans to re-open the facility. At this time, we are unable to do this given the Alameda County's restrictions/requirements on re-opening.

As such, the UU Staff wanted to make sure that we shared the things we are working on:


  • Virtual Art Gallery - Check Out The Posting On BaySync - We invite anyone to submit their work to be showcased in our Virtual Art Gallery. Entries are due on Sunday, November 15 and we will then post the location of the Art Gallery on our website!
  • Gaming Tournaments - Staff members in the Game Zone are currently working on developing on-line tournaments for the gaming community. Please look out for messages via BaySync to participate!
  • Other Programming - We will be working with other areas on campus to collaborate with their events as well as presenting additional remote events in the next few months. Keep on the look out!
  • Community Engagement - We are currently working on the ability for community members to engage on line academically and socially in a way that would support the same community building that the UU provides regularly. Please look out for this in the next few weeks!

Facility Upgrades:

We are taking advantage of this time to work on a variety of facility projects. Listed below are the projects we are initiating. Note: not all of them will be worked on or finalized, but we are beginning conversations on the projects and will work to update each project on this site:

  • Furniture (Inside) - We are exploring the replacement of the chairs in the MPR. The chairs are dirty and outdated and need to be replaced. Additionally, we are looking at placing additional furniture in key areas in the UU allowing for additional spaces that community members can use.
  • Furniture (Outside) - We are currently exploring the addition of furniture outside of the UU which will accommodate additional seating for visitors.
  • Meeting Room Equipment Upgrades - We are currently working to upgrade all of our outdated equipment (laptops, projectors, mics, etc) in each of our meeting rooms.
  • MPR AV Equipment Upgrade - We are currently exploring the opportunity to upgrade the outdated MPR AV Equipment.
  • Old UU Carpet Replacement - We are currently exploring a timeline and project goals to replace the carpet on all three floors of the Old Union. We hope that this project can be completed during this academic year.
  • Old UU Elevator Upgrade - We are currently exploring a timeline and project goals to upgrade the Old UU Elevator.
  • New Union 2nd Floor Bathroom Upgrades - We are currently working to complete the similar work we did last year for the 1st floor bathrooms in which we upgraded the counter tops to prevent water spilling on the floor.

Should you have questions about any of these projects or have ideas for additional projects, feel free to reach out to the UU Director: kenrick.ali@csueastbay.edu