University Union Stats

The University Union (UU) is often referred to as the Student Union and/or UU. The department of the University Union oversees the operations of two (2) buildings. The 58,000 square foot Old University Union was opened on September 26, 1985 while the 29,000 square foot New Union was opened on January 8, 2007.

The University Union is the center stage of activities for students, faculty, staff, and guests. The administrative offices of Associated Students, Inc., Student Life Leadership Programs, Diversity and Inclusion Student Center and Student Success Centers are located in the University Union (Old & New). Meeting and multipurpose rooms are available to student organizations/clubs, academic and university administrative departments, CSU East Bay affiliated and non-affiliated groups.

The selection of eateries makes it difficult to decide what’s for lunch! Your choices includes: Old University Union (UU) - Blue Wave, Fry Shack, & Taco Bell Express. New University Union (UU) - Panda Express and Create. The Market is the combination of a corner store with a modern style. It is conveniently located in the Old UU.

The GameZone (UU Program) is comprised of the GameRoom, an indoor recreation room and the GameCave, a custom gaming room fully stocked with the latest consoles and HDTVs. Also hosting a large variety of tournaments from Call of Duty to Texas Hold’em, the GameZone provides a sense of community like any other.