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Teaching on Semesters Certificate: Attend 4 workshops on Semester Conversion during the academic year to receive a Teaching on Semesters Certificate, for your Dossier or portfolio. Back to the Bay 2017 is included as one of the workshops.

Workshop Title



Long Term: Planning for Learning and Time on Semesters

Wednesday, April 18th 12 - 1:30

SF 328

Semesters place students will be in contact with faculty over a longer academic term, and faculty may wish to take this longer time frame into consideration when scheduling assignments and activities. The semester format may present students with time management issues including organization and planning, procrastination, forgetfulness, and boredom etc. This workshop provides faculty with tools and skills to help support students and themselves as they adapt to a new schedule. Topics discussed include: scaffolding, grading timelines, 10th week slump, shorter class sessions and more of them.

Facilitators: Jessica Weiss, Nicole Diggs

Zoom link:

Re-imagine Your Semester Assignments

April 19th, 12-1:30


Engage your students in the real-world applications of your discipline! Learn how to align your activities, assignments, and assessments to your goals and learning objectives, from university and program outcomes to professional standards. This workshop provides a brief overview of Authentic Assessment & Alignment followed by a hands-on activity. Bring a current syllabus, lesson plan or assignment to revise for semesters during the session. Participation in this workshop counts towards the Teaching on Semesters certificate.

Facilitators: Sweety Law, Margaret Harris

Zoom link:

Pacing Courses for Sanity and Student Success

April 26th,


SF 127

How we pace activities, assignments, and assessments will be key to the success of our courses under semesters.  This will be especially challenging in the first year of semesters as we, and our students, figure out how to organize ourselves and our work to get the most out of courses. In this workshop we will discuss integrating formative feedback and summative assessments into our semester courses. Participants will leave with a draft course timeline that incorporates best practices in semester assessment planning.

Facilitators: Andrew Carlos, Julia Glass, Jessica Weiss

Zoom link:

Pitfalls and Stumbling Blocks of the Semester System

Wednesday, May 9th


SF 328

Semester teaching and learning presents challenges for students and faculty. This workshop will provide faculty an opportunity to discuss challenges and suggest strategies for successful semester teaching emphasizing building classroom community and learning activities.

Facilitators: Margaret Harris, Daniel Barsky

Zoom link:

Effective Assignments for Semesters & Student Success




Wednesday May 16th,

Session A: 10-12, (Stay for lunch (provided), 12-12:30)

Session B: 12:30-2:30, (Come early for lunch (provided), 12-12:30)

LI 3040

Semesters are a chance to rethink designing and assessing class assignments.  At this workshop you will use sample assignments or your own to apply effective design principles and share feedback with colleagues. This workshop is facilitated by CSU Long Beach History Professor and National Institute of Learning Outcomes Coach, Nancy Quam-Wickham. Choose a session and stay or come early for lunch.

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Drop-in Consultations


Wrestling with the transformation of an assignment or your syllabus for semesters? Need some external motivation to break the procrastination cycle? Swing by the Office of Faculty Development during drop-in hours and a member of the Faculty Development Subcommittee for Semester Conversion will be available to offer tips and strategies for teaching on semesters.

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