ASI Services

The ASI Office is located on the top floor of the Original University Union. The ASI Office provides a variety of services to students, staff, faculty, and the community, including fax/copy services, discounted movie tickets, seasonal event tickets, and several other services.

*Note: All purchases in the ASI Business Office is paid through Bay Bucks Only - Refill Bay Card


Office Services

Free Scantrons & Green books can be picked up at the ASI front desk - 2 per day

Copy Service
Black/White (per Page)  $0.10*
Color (per Page) $0.25*

Fax Service
Rates In State Out State International
First page $1.50* $2.00* $8.00*
Following Pages $0.50(per page) $0.50(per page) $1.00(per page)*
Incoming Fax $0.25(per page) $0.25(per page) $0.25(per page)*

Entertainment Sales

Movie Theatre Tickets - Tickets Sold at ASI
Theatres Rates
Cinemark $9.50 (per ticket)*
Regal Cinemas $9.00 (per ticket)*
Popcorn & Soda $6*