Computer Lab Use Policy

CSU East Bay provides computer access to students for academic work. Students are expected to abide by the Acceptable Computing Use Policy and the guidelines on this page. Lab Management may refuse access to those who fail to comply.

During the period when a Computer Lab is reserved for your class, you are responsible for it. Please do not leave the room unsupervised. Monitor the activities of your students on the computers. When your class is over, please secure the Computer Lab by closing the door. It will automatically lock. If you are the last instructor for the day, please arm the alarm. For access to the room, consult the college or academic department associated with the lab, or submit a key request.

Eating and drinking are not allowed in any computer lab (except a water in a bottle with a lid). Please store all other food or drinks in a lunchbox, backpack, or appropriate container, or leave them at the table near the entrance.

Labs are for registered students. Be prepared to show your student identification card with NetID.

Computer labs are for the preparation and printing of course-related material. Using campus resources for personal financial gain or commercial purposes is prohibited.

Do not connect other computers or equipment to the network cables in the labs. Wi-Fi is available to connect laptops and portable devices. If you have special needs, consult the lab assistants or the Service Desk. Please report any computer or network problems to the ITS Service Desk or Ext. 54357.

Pay for printing with your University ID card (Bay Card) at the Print Release Station. Printing is 10 cents per page for black&white and 50 cents per page for color. Unreleased print jobs are automatically deleted after two hours. Add funds to your Bay Card at the PHiL stations in the Library and Student Housing or online at

Lab computers are public and are not secure storage for your documents. Save your important documents to a portable flash drive or to online storage like Blackboard. Documents, downloaded files, and other changes to the computers may be deleted overnight. Files that you create or save in the My Documents folder typically remain on the computer throughout the academic quarter, but they may be deleted without notice if the computer is replaced, repaired, or updated.

Please be courteous to other users by talking quietly and only when necessary. Step outside if you need a break, an extended conversation, or to use a cell phone. Remember to set your cell phone to silent or vibrate mode while in the lab.

A two hour time limit is imposed when there is a waiting list. Computers left unattended for 15 minutes are assigned to the next person on the waiting list.

If you have a computer or printer issue, please bring it to the attention of the lab assistants. If no assistant is present, please submit a ticket with the Service Desk. Do not try to repair mechanical issues or problems with the electronic components of the lab computers.

The university's garbage collection company sorts out recyclables at their site. It is no longer necessary to separate garbage and recyclables on campus. Even though everything goes into the same bin, it is still recycled.

Lost and found items are taken to the University Police Department.