Technology-Enhanced (Smart) Classrooms

User Support Services, in collaboration with Classroom Engineering and Delivery, maintains technology-enhanced or "Smart" Classrooms on both the Hayward and Concord campuses. Nearly all of the instructional spaces on the Hayward campus are now Smart Classrooms or instructional labs. All of the classrooms on the Concord campus are also "Smart."

A Smart Classroom is a room with a video projector permanently installed, connections for computers and laptops, VCR & DVD players, and access to the Internet. Most classrooms also have overhead projectors for transparencies or document cameras. If your assigned classroom lacks a computer or other equipment that you need, submit a Service Desk ticket to request delivery of a "Smart Cart" or other temporary equipment.

An additional technology tool available in over 60 classrooms is East Bay Replay, a lecture capturing system which records instructors' lectures and posts them automatically on Blackboard. Assistance and information about East Bay Replay is available in the MATS office LI 2800.

Control systems in the Smart Classrooms provide easy switching of what is displayed by the projector from computer to DVD video to laptop. Controls are clearly labeled and instructions are posted in most rooms. The most common is a computer-based control system from Utelogy.

Regular classes are scheduled in Smart Classrooms by the staff in each college. For special events, request a room through Facilities Reservations.