Honors Convocation

Honors Medallions

2024 Honors Convocation Ceremony

At honors convocation, the university recognizes graduating seniors with the distinction of cum laude, magna cum laude, and summa cum laude. Each honors graduate will receive an honors medallion to be worn at the commencement ceremony. The medallion is a symbol of academic accomplishment at Cal State East Bay and should be worn with pride.

Honors Convocation Ceremony

Date:  April 20, 2024
Ceremony Start Time: 10:00 a.m.
Please arrive by 9:00 a.m. for registration
Location: CSUEB Campus / Music Peristyle Lawn

Individuals that require accommodations for this event please contact Accessibility Services ten days prior to your event. Email: as@csueastbay.edu | Phone: 510-885-3868

To qualify for the honors convocation ceremony, you must meet all of the below criteria assessed at the end of the Fall term. All eligible graduates will receive an email invitation in their horizon email addresses with registration instructions.

Criteria for Graduating with Honors

Cal State East Bay recognizes undergraduate students at graduation for consistently high scholarship through their entire academic careers, which includes coursework they may have transferred in from other institutions. Candidates may be eligible for the awarding of Latin Honors at the time of graduation if they have fulfilled the following conditions:

  1. They must have completed at least 40 semester-units of coursework in residence (as defined in the University Catalog) at Cal State East Bay.
  2. They must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.65 or higher in all coursework and in coursework completed at Cal State East Bay.

summa cum laude (cumulative GPA, overall and at CSUEB, of 3.85-4.00) highest honor

magna cum laude (cumulative GPA, overall and at CSUEB, of 3.75-3.84) high honor

cum laude (cumulative GPA, overall and at CSUEB, of 3.65-3.74) honor

The GPA is officially calculated at the time the student has completed graduation requirements. The honors designation will be noted on the student’s diploma and official transcript. The conditions noted above apply equally to second-baccalaureate degree candidates.

Note: Post-baccalaureate and graduate students are not eligible for Latin Honors. 

For questions on whether you qualify, contact

Office of the Registrar