Academic Regalia


All ceremony participants are required to wear full academic regalia consisting of a traditional black gown and mortarboard with tassel. Master’s and doctoral candidates will have a black gown, hood, and cap with tassel.

Please do not bring personal items to the field. There will be no place to leave items once the processional starts.  You should make arrangements for someone to be responsible for your valuables during the ceremony.


Regalia Special Packages

Specially priced packages will be available at GradFest only.

Regalia Special Packages
Basic Package Deluxe Package Premium Package
Bachelors - 91.80 Bachelors - 199.80 Bachelors - 258.30
Masters** - 124.20 Masters** - 232.20 Masters** - 290.70
Includes: cap, gown, tassel, stole of gratitude, diploma cover Includes: cap, gown, tassel, stole of gratitude, diploma cover, academic diploma frame Includes: cap, gown, tassel, stole of gratitude, diploma cover, diploma/tassel frame

Sales tax will be added to prices shown. Discounts already reflected in package pricing.

**Masters include hoods.

Purchasing Regalia

Caps and gowns will be available for purchase at GradFest, or students can pre-order their regalia online starting January 22. Pre-ordered regalia will be shipped directly to your home address. 

After pre-orders close and after GradFest, you will still be able to purchase regalia directly from the Pioneer Bookstore through graduation day. Online ordering for home delivery is open, and after GradFest items will only be purchased a la carte (no package pricing). Announcements and diploma frames will remain available for purchase online now through May.

Graduates are not required to purchase a new gown, many graduates borrow a gown from graduates who have participated in previous years, or use a black gown from a previous graduation ceremony (i.e. community college). 

For more information, contact the Pioneer Bookstore at 510-885-3507.

Class Ring

Students can purchase a class ring online on the Josten's website.