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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No, the decision was already made to take the comprehensives. Each student chooses a particular Capstone experience - thesis, comprehensive exam, or project.  After choosing, they are required to follow through with their choice.  No exceptions.


No you cannot use CS 692 for an elective as it is a Capstone requirement.

No, it is required that all students complete the foundation courses prior to taking CS 692.

Yes, the WST is a university requirement for advancement to candidacy.  Advancement to candidacy is required for SC 692 registration.

No, the university policy is that all graduate students earn a grade of C or higher in all courses.  Students will need to retake any course in which a grade of C- was earned. Students cannot sign up for CS 692 if the foundation courses have not been passed with a grade of C or higher.

According to our catalog, grades below C cannot be used to satisfy any requirement. You must retake the required course, and earn a "C" or better, before sigining up for CS 692.


No, just sign up, take the exams on scheduled dates, pass. It is recommended that you study the exam materials and see the instructor of the course if you have questions.
Exams will only be given on the dates shown in the class schedule. If you cannot attend the exams, you will need to take it in a later semester. All students must attend the exam session.  There are no makeup dates.
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