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CS 6901 Capstone Experience

  1. Menu Tour
    This is our current page and the goal is to introduce the student to the layout of the new CS 6901 Capstone Experience.
    • Assigned instructor
    • Self-study (or teams) but directed by instructor
    • Study package includes study plan, notes, diagrams, and some solutions
    • Past comprehensive exams are used as examples
    • Exams are taken in the context of the course
    • Exams are the only mandatory aspect of the course
    • Course grade is CREDIT (Capstone Completed, with 4 units), NO CREDIT, or WU (Withdrawal Unauthorized)
      • Must always take 3 exams, even if re-taking the class
      • If score >= 60%, CREDIT
      • Students pass exam/course (60% rule) instead of passing sections
      • Starting Fall 2011, all students must register (and pay) for CS 6901.
      • For more information, contact CS Grad Coordinator
  2. The stand-alone Comprehensive Exam has been replaced with the course CS 6901.
  3. FAQ
    Many students ask the same questions of the Graduate Coordinator.
  4. Enrollment
    Starting Fall 2011, all students must register (and pay) to take CS 6901.
  5. Catalog Description
    The Capstone Experience has always been a requirement for the MS degree. In the past, the student had a choice of Comprehensive Exam or Thesis. Now, the Comprehensive Exam is replaced with CS 6901 which includes examinations. It also provides 4 units towards the degree. The prerequisites are specified.
  6. Course Syllabus
    Please look at current syllabus for the next upcoming course. Most of this information is relevant for any implementation of cs6901, however, some instructors may vary the study schedule, exam dates, etc.
  7. Exam Syllabus
    All offerings of CS 6901 follow this exam syllabus. The exam has a slightly different structure from Comprehensive Exams: Programming Languages has been removed, and Analysis of Algorithms has been moved to Data Structures & Algorithms. The 60% pass rule is explained along with possibilties of re-taking the exam.
  8. Syllabus Study Package
    This is the core of CS 6901 with the syllabus illustrated with notes, diagrams, past problems, and some solutions. The student (or teams) use this to prepare for the actual exams.
  9. Exam Examples
    This is a list of past Comprehensive Exams, but note that the Exam Syllabus above shows a new structure. Also, the Study Package above organizes the past problems according to topics in the syllabus.
  10. Exam Schedule
    This shows the exam dates for the upcoming course.
  11. Exam Instructions
    Here you'll find details important to the procedures for actually taking the exams.
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