Field Placements

All credential programs include professional preparation courses and field placements or hands-on training in a public school setting or other mutually-agreed upon agency appropriate for the credential pursued.

Student Teaching

Candidates who pursue a teacher credential are required to serve as an 'apprentice' to the master teacher of the classroom, commonly referred to as student teaching. All logistics regarding student teaching placements are determined by the Teacher Education Department. Student teaching is a type of field placement that is unpaid.


For candidates in the special education, pupil personnel services, speech-language pathology & audiology services, or administrative services credential programs, fieldwork is required. Fieldwork experience may or may not be paid. For specific details about your fieldwork requirements, please contact your program advisor or the respective credential department.

University Internship Credentials

At CSUEB, University Internship Credentials are available in the following areas:

  • Multiple Subject and Single Subject (with or without BCLAD Emphasis)
  • Education Specialist Instruction (Mild/Moderate or Moderate/Severe)
  • Administrative Services
  • Pupil Personnel Services (School Counseling or School Psychology)

The Intern Credential reflects a special relationship between Cal State East Bay and the employing school district or educational agency. As an Intern your role is unique: a paid faculty member, whether part or full-time, who is also a credential candidate. As such, you will receive special support from the credential program at CSUEB and from the school district.

The Intern credential is a formal teaching license issued by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing that requires you to meet different standards than those for an Emergency Teaching Permit or Substitute Permit. In order to qualify for an Intern credential, a Credential Analyst in the CSSC must officially confirm your eligibility.

Requirements for internship credentials vary depending upon the type of internship credential sought and the specific program requirements established by the credential program at CSUEB.

The CSSC verifies eligibility for an internship credential and processes the official application for an internship credential.