Out of State/Country Verifications

Updated on May 13, 2021

If you have completed your credential at CSUEB (formerly CSU, Hayward) and need to have an Out of State/Country Credential Verification Form filled out for your credential application to another state. please follow these procedures below to request an Out of State/Country Verification. (If your state/country does not have a form for us to complete, please have your state and/or country provide the necessary details and information required for our review. Upon our review, we will verify with our signatures. We cannot write separate letters for states and/or countries if they do not have a form for us to complete and verify.)

  1. Send the out of state/country attachment verification request form attached to an email with following items and information to credentials@csueastbay.edu, Put your name and Out of State/Country Verification in subject line of email.
  2. Please use the following link to pay the $25 processing fee for each request and attach to email a copy of your paid cashnet fee/receipt.  You can check other in the drop down menu.    


    If you completed TEDSPED, that counts as two requests -- one for the Multiple Subject Credential and one for Education Specialist Credential, total of $50.
  3. Please be sure that your information is clearly noted along with any other pertinent applicant information needed by the requesting agency:
    1. Your full legal name (as it appears in the university records)
    2. Your CSUEB Net ID (Student ID)
    3. The credential program you are completing or have completed.
    4. Date you plan to complete your last requirement or date you already completed your entire program.
    5. Your daytime contact phone number.
    6. Attach a copy of your California credential document.
    7. Provide the student teaching placement and grade levels if applicable.
    8. (Optional) To expedite the process, please attach Unofficial copies of all transcripts. Remitting your copies may expedite our processing in case we are unable to access your transcripts in the university student administration system.
  4. Within approximately 4-6 weeks of receiving your request, the CSSC will email your Out of State/Country Verification to the email address as noted on the form(s). Please make sure form can be filled out and be submitted electronically. It will take longer if it needs to be mailed.
  5. If there are any questions or concerns, our staff will email or call you.

Please note: these forms are usually part of your application packet for an Out of State/Country Credential credential. Questions regarding these forms should be directed to the State Department of Education in the state to which you will seek a credential.

The CSSC will complete the request and obtain the necessary signatures.

For your planning, please know that requests are handled on a first-come, first-served basis although the official processing of credential documents will take precedence over verification requests.