Requests for Letters of Good Standing

Letters of Good Standing

A ‘letter of good standing' is a term used to describe a letter issued from the Credential Student Service Center (CSSC). We only provide Letters of Good Standing to students who are in their last semester of the program. 

The letter indicates when a credential candidate is expected to complete the coursework portion of the credential program and it verifies what authorizations will be allowed under the respective credential. This letter is free to current credential candidates; however, we will limit the number of your requests. You should keep your emailed letter for your records for future agencies.

Letters of Good Standing can be requested after Census date (20th instructional date of the semester).

Please follow the procedures below to request a Letter of Good Standing:

  1. You must send an email to: with Letter of Good Standing request in the subject line.
  2. In the request, please provide:
    1. Your full legal name (your name that is on your educator profile with the CTC)
    2. Your CSU East Bay Net ID
    3. The credential program you are completing or have completed.
    4. Date you plan to complete your last requirement or date you already completed your entire program.
    5. Your cell phone number.
  3. Within approximately 7 business days of receiving your request, the CSSC will email your Letter of Good Standing to your email address as noted in MyCSUEB.
  4. If there are any questions or concerns, our staff will email or call you before emailing your letter. If we cannot reach you after several attempts, we will email out your letter with any special comments noted.

Due to privacy restrictions, we cannot send these letters to a third party.

For your planning, please know that requests are handled on a first-come, first-served basis although the official processing of credential documents will take precedence over verification requests.


Updated 3/23/2023