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    Pioneer Student Chapter of the IEEE. Student members of the IEEE enjoy many of the same privileges as professional members and share in the society's many communication mediums and community activities. As such, students participate in a unique opportunity to learn the "ropes" of engineering while being exposed to the cutting or razor edge of many new technological innovations.

    Having its own governing body with a single advising faculty member, the Pioneer Student Chapter of the IEEE defines events and activities which bring its members into close contact with the real-world engineering community. From field trips to challenging student projects, members get involved, learn and grow, both academically and professionally.

Our club meetings are every Thursday at University Hour (12:15 to 1:15) find out what room by joining our discord!

Club Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Google Calendar | BaySync

If you have not signed up for your official membership don't forget too! 

Join our discord group for all current events and where the next meeting will be held!


MCAA Chapter

CSU East Bay Student Chapter is to introduce and promote mechanical contracting among students. The student chapter will hold several events throughout  the year where student will learn more about mechanical contacting. They will also have the opportunity to network with industry professionals. Students are welcome to participate in any way they can.  

Student Events Include:
Great Forums: September 2019
Golf Tournament: October 2019
ASC: February 2020
Student Convention: March 2020
To join please contact:
Sandro Portillo 650-309-4074
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