College of Science

The College of Science is the fastest growing college at Cal State East Bay, with more than 5,500 students studying across 11 departments. Each program provides foundational disciplinary knowledge and tangible skills that will allow students to have an immediate impact in the workforce. Students and faculty carry out research in areas such as climate change, health care/public health, energy security and fundamental physics while using the latest technologies and building career and scientific networks. Graduates reflect California’s demographics, filling the ranks of new businesses, inspiring products and innovation across the East Bay and Silicon Valley, and bringing diversity of thought into highly competitive fields. 

In the College of Science, current fundraising priorities focus on putting students on the path to careers that fuel the Bay Area innovation and health care economies, keeping talented graduates in the region.

Scholarships and Departments

You can support the College of Science and its students by making a donation to a departmental scholarship fund, the college itself or one of its departments.

Rending of Applied Sciences Center building

Applied Sciences Center

The future Applied Sciences Center will be a place of discovery where students develop the skills and knowledge to lead scientific discovery and innovation. This new facility will expand the opportunities for student scientists to work alongside their professors in interdisciplinary, flexible laboratories. 

Two female students working in a lab

Green Biome Institute

The Green Biome Institute will help preserve the genetic diversity of plants in California, contribute to the discovery of new and useful biological processes that can improve human lives, and create publicly available molecular profiles of endangered native California plants. 

Two students working in a lab

Collaborative Research Awards

Scientific research helps students develop critical reasoning skills. Collaborative Research Awards promote interdisciplinary student-faculty research to advance science and help students become career ready. Learn More.
Three females working in the wetlands

Student Research Assistant Program

The College of Science is working to expand the number of students who have the opportunity to participate in this program in order to (1) Transform students into thinking of themselves as scientists through being entrusted by an experienced researcher with crucial pieces of equipment or critical processes (2) Increase employability upon graduation and the odds of acceptance into graduate school (3) Help students pay their tuition while working in their field and allows them to find mentors in the industry. Learn More.

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