College of Education and Allied Studies

Cal State East Bay’s College of Education and Allied Studies prepares the teachers and leaders of tomorrow. Graduates from CEAS lead schools and school districts as teachers and counselors, school psychologists and school administrators. They organize community park and recreation programs, and manage hotels and restaurants. They become athletic trainers, physical and recreational therapists, and marriage and family therapists.

The College of Education and Allied Studies’ current fundraising priorities prepare our students for these careers and help them get there. 

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The Center for Professional Excellence

The Center for Professional Excellence provides specialized training and promotes research to enhance individual and organizational excellence in hospitality, recreation, recreation therapy and tourism. The Center supports educational opportunities for students and professionals throughout the East Bay community, as part of its mission to prepare students to graduate as leaders in their fields.

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Kinesiology Online Learning Tools

Kinesiology Online Learning Tools are essential to today’s learning. The degree requires a significant amount of hands-on learning, and given today’s need to socially distance, that’s tougher than ever before. New software, subscriptions to documentaries, and video recording equipment are all necessities for the department to meet the students' needs.

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Hayward Promise Neighborhoods

Hayward Promise Neighborhoods is a cradle-to-career collaborative led by Cal State East Bay, along with ten other partners, to ensure a safe and thriving community and improve educational opportunities for children and families in two distressed Hayward neighborhoods. One result is that more local students are attending Cal State East Bay, better preparing them for careers and life. Funds raised will support scholarships for those who graduated from Hayward high schools or are transferring from Chabot College to attend Cal State East Bay.

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Educational Field Scholarships

Scholarships are crucial to student success. They support talented credential candidates and students who want to serve California’s students up to the college level. By having part of their tuition covered by scholarships, these dedicated individuals have more time to focus on their studies and go into the educational field with less debt. The college awards these scholarships to selected students based on merit and/or need. Those selected will be studying in the following departments: Teacher Education, Educational Leadership and Educational Psychology. 

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You can support the College of Education and Allied Studies by making a donation to the college itself or one of its five departments.
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Holly Fincke, Director of Development for the College of Education and Allied Studies, is pleased to help you identify how you can make a difference for our students. 

There are many ways to make your gift, including through gifts of stocks,in-kind gifts and planned gifts. Plus, our students from the Pioneer Calling program reach out to alumni and friends each semester giving you an opportunity to give by phone.