What Cal State East Bay History majors say about their experience:

Smaller class sizes allow for greater interactions between student and professor. Lectures were always made interesting and fun. The professors showed a great deal of interests and passion about what they were lecturing on. It really does translate over to the students.
The professors are some of the kindest and helpful I've ever experienced, you can tell they actually care about each student and their success.
There seems to be a good variety of classes offered, which is great, but I think the staff is the great strength of the History major here at East Bay.
Ease of communicating with professors for guidance when needed and the willingness of many professors to help in other classes than their own.
As a student you get to have professors you like multiple times, you get farmiliar with the expectations (..) the result is really good comunication with professors about both work for classes as well as advising.
There is so much versatility and diversity in the CSUEB History department and it made me realize how versatile of a person I am and how diverse my own skills are. The History department does a really great job in encouraging and supporting their students as best they can.
(I enjoyed) the truly committed teachers whose genuine fascination with the subject was infectious. In person lectures were always fantastic; and I mean every one of my history teachers. I felt I could always get assistance when needed. (There was) a healthy focus on critical thought and figuring out ways to engage new ways of thinking among students.

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