Career Options

Image Credit: Diego Rivera, The Great City of Tenochtitlan

Career and Graduate Education Options for Liberal Studies Majors

The Liberal Studies Major aims to provide a rich liberal arts educational experience through selected courses from a wide range of academic disciplines, while at the same time allowing students to select a field for in-depth study of their own interest.  The broad-based, interdisciplinary nature of Liberal Studies provides a solid, well-rounded undergraduate educational experience, integrating knowledge from arts and humanities, social science, and natural sciences, with analytical and communication skills well suited for many careers and professions.

The major consists of a common core and a choice from three concentrations, designed to meet diverse student interests and needs. Liberal Studies majors frequently pursue graduate studies and careers in: 

  • school teaching
  • government leadership
  • non-profit organizations
  • law
  • counseling
  • social work and services
  • public affairs and administration
  • educational leadership
  • business