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Liberal Studies at CSU East Bay

The Liberal Studies Program at Cal State East Bay aims to provide a rich liberal arts educational experience through selected courses from a wide range of academic disciplines, while at the same time allowing students to select a field for in-depth study of their own interest.  The broad-based, interdisciplinary nature of Liberal Studies provides a solid, well-rounded undergraduate educational experience, integrating knowledge from arts and humanities, social science, and natural sciences, with analytical and communication skills well suited for many careers and professions. 

The major consists of a common core and a choice from three concentrations designed to meet diverse student interests and needs. Students can choose concentrations in: 


Program Learning Outcomes

Students graduating with a B.A. in Liberal Studies from Cal State East Bay will be able to:

  1. demonstrate solid understanding of major contemporary global issues about individuals, society, and nature, by integrating interdisciplinary knowledge of humanity, social science, and natural science, with more in­ depth understanding of one specialized subject area or discipline;
  2. apply methods of different disciplines to critically thinking about these issues;
  3. communicate ideas clearly and persuasively in speech and writing;
  4. work with others in teams collaboratively and productively, showing sensitivity and respect for others, and readiness to learn from others;
  5. demonstrate commitment to promoting social justice, diversity, democratic values, and sustainable environment.


Liberal Studies Requirements

Liberal Studies Major Requirements Summary

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