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You are responsible for your own success. Be proactive and familiarize yourself with Liberal Studies requirements. Take notes during meetings with advisors and advocate for yourself! Join the major Facebook page to discuss courses and best practices with other Liberal Studies students. Please be patient and courteous in communications with advisors, administrators and faculty members.


Initial Advising 

Immediately after declaring Liberal Studies as your major, go to MyCompass. You should meet with your Liberal Studies advisor for course planning and after initial advising, you should contact your advisor each semester. You may seek advising for issues about the major though Bay Advisor, by email, phone, or Zoom.


Steps to Success

1. Select a Liberal Studies concentration: Teacher Preparation, Early Childhood Education or Liberal Arts.

2. Make a list of courses for your next semester based on major/concentration requirements found on one of the webpages and embedded roadmaps above.

3. Before registering look at this checklist. Enroll in courses using MyCSUEB.

4. Schedule an appointment with Liberal Studies advisor Wendy Couttien on Bay Advisor.

For general questions, please contact



Liberal Studies majors must complete:

(1) General Education (GE) courses (57 units)

(2) lower and upper division major requirements (71-80 units)

(3) a concentration: Teacher Preparation, Early Childhood Education or Liberal Arts.

For the most part the GE courses are already built into the major requirements. Beginning in Fall 2021 students must complete the CSU Ethnic Studies requirement (Area F), a specified lower division course at the community college or university level. ES 100, ES 122, and ES 222 are approved courses. Starting in 2024-25, LBST 223 is the required Area F course for the Liberal Studies program.


Transfer Students

New Transfer Students start here

Consult the Transfer Equivalencies webpage to ensure you receive credit for courses from other institutions!

Access your Degree Audit Report.


Major Check for Graduation

You must file for graduation officially to let the university know your intent to graduate.  The deadline for graduation filing occurs in the term prior to your graduation, March 1 or October 1. Please see details for graduation filing. Once you have filed for graduation with the university, the Liberal Studies advisor will review and prepare your Major Check form automatically, and will submit it to Records on your behalf. 



If you have questions about your enrollment, call (510) 885-2784 or e-mail For questions about paying your fees, contact the Accounting Office at (510) 885-3767.