Teaching Ethnic Studies

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Ethnic Studies: From Students, by Students, and for Students!

Ethnic Studies began as a movement of Cal State students in the Bay Area in 1969. Today there is a growing demand for Ethnic Studies at all levels of PK-12 education. Ethnic Studies majors who wish to become middle or high school teachers of Social Science must meet Subject Matter Competency through coursework or by passing the CSET before applying to a single subject credential program, completed in three semesters in online and hybrid formats at CSUEB. All teaching fieldwork is in person. Apply to both the Department and University for Summer 2024.

mario-zelaya.pngCSUEB Ethnic Studies major Mario Zelaya is currently an OUSD Teacher Resident

School districts actively recruit teachers so please contact the following to find available programs and support:


Ethnic Studies Teaching Concentration

In the future an Ethnic Studies Teaching concentration and certificate will prepare teachers by integrating ethnic studies content and pedagogy with Elementary Subject Matter. This Liberal Studies degree provides a pathway to the Multiple Subject Credential.

The core lower division Area F course, LBST/ES 223: Education for Liberation, is currently offered through the Inspire Program for first year students and will be required for Liberal Studies majors in 2024-25.

CSUEB Information sessions: https://www.csueastbay.edu/cssc/prospective-cred-student/outreach-recruit.html 

Ethnic Studies Courses


Ethnic Studies

Ethnic Studies: Black Studies

Ethnic Studies: American Indian Studies

Ethnic Studies: Asian American Studies

Ethnic Studies: Genders and Sexualities in Communities of Color

Ethnic Studies: Chicanx and Latinx Studies