What You Will Learn

This certificate program focuses on topics such as digital marketing analytics, mobile marketing analytics, and marketing data visualization. The program teaches students to process and analyze data, track digital marketing campaign metrics, report on digital marketing campaign KPIs, uncover insights from big data, and optimize performance with analytics in order to implement successful and sustainable marketing strategies. The C.D.M.A program is designed for career starters, career advancers, and career changers. Students can expect to complete the program with a solid foundation for the field. The program objectives include:

  • Develop and evaluate a digital marketing strategy
  • Identify opportunities to optimize their websites and social media platform
  • Generate and report business intelligence in a visual format
  • Implement and assess a mobile marketing strategy
  • "The CDMA program gave me the knowledge and skills to land a position as a Social Media Assistant. The program will be useful for anyone seeking a career in digital marketing or a job that involves an understanding of how digital marketing campaigns are developed and measured." - Luis Arturo Ramirez

Some of the Tools that You’ll Learn to Use:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Tableau Data Visualization

Tableau Data Visualization


Social Media Campaign Management


Brandwatch Social Listening

Career Opportunities Upon Completion of the Certificate Include:

  • Social Media Marketing Specialist
  • Digital Marketing Analyst
  • Digital Marketing and Communication Specialist
  • Social Media Analyst