National Student Exchange

With National Student Exchange (NSE), CSUEB students can study for a semester or academic year at an NSE member campus outside California without having to pay the high cost for out-of-state tuition fees. NSE includes over 160  colleges and universities throughout the United States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands.

(Some summer options are available as well.)

Are you planning to attend Cal State East Bay as an NSE student? View our NSE Visitors Welcome Page


See NSE webpage for full eligibility criteria.

  • Most member campuses require a 2.5 cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better (at time of application and at end of term prior to exchange), but a few member campuses have a higher GPA requirement.
  • Students may participate as soon as sophomore year (be sure to complete the 'Golden 4' GE requirements prior to going on exchange.)
  • Transfer students are welcome! (Consider participating in NSE during your first or second semester at CSUEB for optimal course flexibility!)

Costs and Financial Aid

  • National Student Exchange offers two payment plans for tuition.  
    • Home Pay: Student pays Cal State East Bay tuition fees (and applies for financial aid at Cal State East Bay)
    • Host Pay: Student pays host institution's in-state tuition fees (Starting Fall 2023, Host Pay students will also apply for financial aid through the home campus)
  • Review program pages for the member campuses to learn which payment plan(s) the campus accepts, and to review additional fees (payable to the host campus) such as room & board, application fee, and miscellaneous additional fees.
  • The NSE program has a non-refundable application fee (currently $150.00 U.S..) payable through the NSE website. 

Creating a List of Prospective Campuses

  • Attend an Information Session to learn more about the program (and even talk with other students!)
  • Review the Research tips on the NSE website.
  • Schedule an appointment with CSUEB's NSE Coordinator.
  • Check out the NSE YouTube Channel to hear from previous NSE participants.
  • Discuss your plans with your academic advisors (major, minor, and G.E.).
  • Discuss your plans with your Financial Aid Counselor.

Things to consider when researching schools:

  • Does the school have courses you may need to take to fulfill your major, minor, or GE requirements?
  • Does the school allow you to take those courses (are they closed to exchange students or have only limited spaces?)
  • Does the school's payment options and fees match your needs?
  • Review the school's Chance of Placement.  If your preferred school(s) has a Limited chance of placement, you'll want to select some additional schools with Very Good or Excellent chance.
  • For the best chance of successful placement we recommend that you include 4-5 schools on your application.  (However, don't include schools that you have no interest in attending!)

Application Procedure

  • PRIORITY Deadline: Feb. 25 for exchange during the following academic year.  After the Priority Deadline, schools will continue accepting applications on a rolling, space-available, basis.
  • Application is submitted through the National Student Exchange website.
  • In addition to the online application, please submit the NSE Supplemental Form by the Feb.25 deadline, and schedule an appointment with CSUEB's NSE Coordinator to finalize your application and submit the application fee.
  • Applications submitted by the Priority deadline are reviewed/placed in early March, and students will be notified of their placement by mid-March.

After Placement

  • After the priority placement round (in early March), your NSE Coordinator will let you know which host institution you have been placed.
  • You will be invited to a post-Placement meeting to review next steps so you can begin working with the NSE Coordinator at your host institution, and with your academic advisor(s) at CSUEB to confirm course planning and approval.

During Exchange

  • NSE students are required to maintain eligibility up until the beginning of the NSE exchange term.
  • NSE students are required to be enrolled full-time (a minimum of 12 semester units) at the host-institution.

After Exchange

  • It is your responsibility to request an official transcript be sent directly from your host institution to CSUEB's NSE Coordinator at the end of your exchange.
  • Shipping details (as of summer 2024) are:
    • Electronic transcripts sent to
    • Paper transcripts sent to:  Kelly Moran, California State University, East Bay, International Programs, SF 102, 25800 Carlos Bee Boulevard, Hayward CA 94542
  • Please notify the NSE Coordinator when you order your transcript, and whether it is being sent electronically or by U.S. mail.
  • If an official transcript is not received in a timely fashion (within a couple of months) your CSUEB transcript will be considered incomplete, and a transcript hold may be added to your record.