Reservation Process

Events and Activities are permitted on campus only if they do not interfere with normal University business, academic classes, and/or previously scheduled events.

Groups or individuals wishing to use university buildings and grounds must complete a space reservation request in writing by submitting either the reservation form for either affiliates or non-affiliates. An individual must be designated who will be held accountable for adhering to all university policies, the safety of the persons attending the event, and the preservation of the facility. This person will typically be either a faculty advisor, club officer, or renter.

No organization or person may reserve space on behalf of another organization or person. Organizations may not sell, sublease, or transfer reservations to another individual or organization. The organization reserving the space must be the primary organizer of the user of the location for the event.

The reservation process is completed only when the requestor has received written confirmation of the request from the Rentals and Reservations Scheduling Coordinator. The approval documentation must be in possession of the group or individual during the activity or event.

All facilities must be requested in advance, at a minimum per the guidelines below, and are subject to University availability and confirmations:

  • Meetings: 3 days (72 hours) prior to the meeting.
  • Minor Events: 2 weeks (10 working days) prior to the event.
  • Major Events: Dances, banquets, concerts, and other major events — a minimum of 5 weeks (25 working days) prior to the event. Special events sponsored by student organizations are governed by the ‘Student Clubs and Organizations Special Events Policy.’

The scheduling of activities, meetings, or programs by chartered clubs or organizations must be executed by an appointed or elected officer, leader, chairperson, or club advisor of the organization, as indicated by the Office of Student Life and Leadership. The university requires at least one organizational officer and an advisor to be present for the entire duration of the event. A responsible representative from the sponsoring department must be present for the duration of any university-sponsored event. The sponsoring group shall be held responsible for any and all damages to university property. Failure to pay scheduled fees or damages, or failure to comply with this policy of responsible supervision may result in the immediate loss of scheduling privileges.