Dr. Donald Gailey

NS 113, 510-885-4763


Class Information
Class Number Section Days Room Number Times
1001 1 MW MI-2064
2 - 3:50 pm
3122 1 MWF SC-S320
10:40 - 11:50 am

The general interest of my lab is the genetic basis of sex determination and sex behavior. Our focus is the fruitless gene in the fruit fly genus Drosophila. Male flies mutant for this gene display an interesting array of behavioral and anatomical defects. A wide variety of experimental approaches-from behavioral to molecular-is employed to gain a better understanding of the role of this gene in the fly's sex-specific development and courtship behavior.

Recent Publications:

  1. A. Anand, A. Villella, L.C. Ryner, T. Carlo, S.F. Goodwin, H.-J. Song, D.A. Gailey, J.C. Hall, B.S. Baker and B.J. Taylor (2001). The sex determination gene fruitless, in addition to controlling all male sexual behaviors, has sex-nonspecific vital functions. In Press, Genetics.
  2. D.A. Gailey, S.K. Ho, S. Ohshima, J.H. Liu, M. Eyassu, M.A. Washington, D. Yamamoto and T. Davis (2000) A phylogeny of the Drosophilidae using sex-behaviour gene fruitless. Hereditas 133:81-83.
  3. D.A.,Gailey, S. Ohshima, S., J. M. Santiago, J.M. Montez, A.R. Arellano, J. Robillo, C.A. Villarimo, L. Roberts, E. Fine, A. Villella, and J.C. Hall. 1997. The muscle of Lawrence in Drosophila: A case of repeated evolutionary loss. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 94:4543-4547.
  4. S., Ohshima, C.A. Villarimo, and D.A. Gailey. 1997. Reassessment of 79B actin gene expression in the abdomen of adult Drosophila melanogaster. Insect Mol. Biol. :227-231.
  5. A., Villella, D.A. Gailey, B. Berwald, S. Ohshima, P.T. Barnes, and J.C. Hall. 1997. Extended reproductive roles of the fruitless gene in Drosophila melanogaster revealed by behavioral analysis of new fru mutants. Genetics 147:1107-1130.
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