Maria Nieto

NS 113, 510-885-4757

Class Information
Class Number Section Days Room Number Times
4430 2 MW MI-2064 2 - 3:30 pm
4430 09SS TTh SC-N119 10:30 - 12pm

Class I molecules are expressed on the surface of nearly all somatic cells and found to be associated with a small molecular weight protein called Beta-2 mictoglobulin (B2m). Together class I and B2m cooperate to promote T cell mediated destruction of virally infected and/or cancerous cells.

My current interests in the laboratory are focused on understanding the molecular basis for the role B2m plays in ensuring that effective T cell recognition and subsequent destruction occur.

Recent Publications:

  1. A Point Mutation in Beta-2 Microglobulin Results in Loss of Epitope Expression. Dimaano, C., Nguyen, T., Ahmed, A., Abel, E., Schultz, C. and Nieto, M. Tissue Antigens. 56: 473-475, 2000.
  2. Effect of B2m Mutations on the Alpha-1 Helical Region of H2-Ld. Schultz, C., Rodriguez, R., Dimaano, C., Chew, E., Li, F.M. and Nieto, M. Immunogenetics 48: 273-282, 1998.
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