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Dr. Mitch Craig

Professor & Chair

North Science 351

(510) 885-3425

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Mitchell Craig is Professor and Graduate Coordinator of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences. He teaches courses in Applied Geophysics, Near Surface Geophysics, Exploration Seismology, Geographic Information Systems, and Natural Disasters.

He uses geophysical methods to study sedimentary environments. Current projects include earthquake hazard assessment in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and geophysical imaging of lake deposits in a mountain meadow in the Sierras.


Jean Moran


Isotope Hydrology, Contaminant Transport

North Science 329A

(510) 885-2491

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Dr. Jean Moran's research focuses on applying naturally-occurring and introduced isotopes to examine geochemical and transport processes during recharge and groundwater transport. Over the last 20 years, she has led numerous projects on groundwater recharge and contamination vulnerability, water quality including fate and transport of nitrate, and surface water-groundwater interaction under the Groundwater Ambient Monitoring and Assessment program sponsored by the California State Water Resources Control Board. Dr. Moran has a Ph.D. in Geochemistry from the University of Rochester, Bachelor’s degrees in Physics and Geology from the University of Rochester and a Master’s degree in Geophysics from the University of Washington. She has been an author on more than 50 peer-reviewed publications. Graduate and undergraduate students are fully integrated in the research group she leads, and carry out field work, laboratory analyses, GIS, and data interpretation.

Jeff Seitz


North Science 

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Dr. Seitz’s professional activity has focused on STEM education and molecular astrobiology. He has led numerous projects in STEM education developing K-12 science curricula, providing professional development services, and assisting with the implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards.  His research in molecular astrobiology focuses on experimentally determining the thermodynamic properties of organic and biomolecules in order to improve prediction methods that can be used to develop a chemical model for the origin of life.  He has been the author on 30 peer-reviewed articles and has been the principal investigator on nearly $24 million in grants.  He joined the faculty in 1997 and served as department chair and associate vice president for research and sponsored programs at CSUEB.  Dr. Seitz has his A.B. and A.M. in Earth and Planetary Sciences from Washington University in St. Louis and his Ph.D. in Geosciences from Virginia Tech. He was awarded a U.S. Department of Energy Distinguished Post-doctoral Research Fellowship at Oak Ridge National Lab.  


Luther Strayer

Associate Professor

North Science 353

(510) 885-3083


Luther Strayer is a structural geologist. His research is currently focused on seismic surveying in local fault zones including the Hayward and Chabot faults.

Patty Oikawa

Assistant Professor

Biogeochemistry, Greenhouse Gas Measurements

North Science 335C

(510) 885-4068

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Dr. Patty Oikawa specializes in biogeochemistry and greenhouse gas measurements. She is currently studying how wetland restoration in the Bay Area and Sacramento Delta can be used to mitigate climate change. Dr. Oikawa received her B.S. in Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology at UC Santa Barbara before moving to the east coast for graduate school. She received her PhD in Biology from the University of Virginia in 2011 on trace gas emissions from leaves and plant carbon cycling. She then moved back to California for a postdoctoral position at UC Riverside where she studied nitrogen oxide emissions from high temperature agricultural systems and how they influence air quality. Finally, Dr. Oikawa received a USDA Postdoctoral Fellowship to measure and model greenhouse gas exchange in restored wetlands in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta at UC Berkeley. She joined the Cal State East Bay faculty in 2016 and is currently accepting undergraduate and graduate students in her lab. Please contact her for more information.

Jose Rosario

Assistant Professor

North Science 253

(510) 885-3494


Jose Rosario is an Assistant Professor who specializes in Paleoclimatology. He joined the faculty in Fall 2017. Dr. Rosario's research is focused on using deep sediment cores and stratigraphy to study ancient climates in diverse locations including Puerto Rico, Peru and the Sacramento Delta. Dr. Rosario is currently accepting undergraduate and graduate students into his lab so please contact him for more information.

Abinash Bhattachan

Assistant Professor 

North Science 352


Dr. Abinash Bhattachan is a broadly trained environmental scientist who works on research topics at the intersection of climate change and human health. He uses a combination of fieldwork and lab experiments along with geospatial analytics to carry out research that is both scientifically relevant and addresses the needs of marginalized communities affected by climate change. He joined the Cal State East Bay faculty in 2020 and teaches courses in environmental sciences. He is currently accepting undergraduate and graduate students in his group. Please visit his website and contact him for more information