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The purpose of the Center for Professional Excellence in Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism (CPE) is to provide specialized training and promote research to enhance individual and organizational excellence in hospitality, recreation, recreation therapy and tourism. The University Center supports educational opportunities for students and professionals throughout the East Bay community to promote high quality, effective and sustainable professional practices.

Events, seminars and workshops are provided on topics such as customer service, innovation, budgeting, financial management, professional preparation, etiquette, written/verbal communication, safety, risk management, and sustainability. Providing preparation for students to become certified industry professionals is another goal of CPE.

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Innovations in Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism (HRT)

Thursday, April 8, 2021
11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

HRT Advisory Committee Members and HRT students are invited to attend this launch event for the Center for Professional Excellence in Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism. Hear from top industry leaders about innovations in our fields that go beyond technology. This is a great online networking opportunity.

Customer Service Seminar

Customer service is typically seen as for those who are in positions in the service industry when in fact, everyone is involved and integral in creating a positive customer experience. Whether a person is delivering service or receiving service, it is essential that specific customer service skills be part of a person’s service acumen, no matter their position or profession.

The seminar will focus on a multitude of areas of customer service. Participants will be presented with information and examples of customer service and will be actively involved throughout the seminar. The ultimate goal is to increase awareness and understanding of one’s own customer service knowledge and skills which can be utilized daily in both their personal and professional life.

REC University (REC U)

A series of workshops designed for industry professionals to build skills and knowledge about important issues in recreation management. Some topics include budget management, marketing, building teams, programming, risk management, sustainability and government operations. CEUs are provided by the California Parks and Recreation Society.

Board Members

Dr. Saehya Ann
Dr. Zach Hallab
Dr. Cathy Inouye
Mr. Louis Kimball
Dr. Erick Kong
Ms. Rachel Saffen
Dr. Oanh Tran
Dr. Heather Vilhauer, Director
Dr. Nancy White

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Donations to the center are appreciated. To make a donation, click the link below for the Cal State East Bay Educational Foundation site. To designate your tax-deductible donation for CPE, choose the “Center for Professional Excellence in HRT” in the drop-down menu or choose “Other” and write in the name of the Center