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CITART (COVID IT Action Response Team)


The COVID IT Action Response Team is a cross department team created in IT that was key to transitioning the campus, faculty, staff, and students to an online environment in less than 2 weeks when shelter-in-place took effect. Actions ranged from securing inventory for loan out with existing pool and with vendors; scheduling checkouts of devices for work-from-home setups as well as classroom support, which includes curb-side pickup arrangement with IT personnel; launching the Zoom platform as a main piece of online tools including continuing live sessions for training and Q&A, expanding licenses and use (creating zoom rooms); seamless transition of service desk to remote desk models; helping the campus with converting on-premise activities such as summer sessions, orientations, and recruitment fairs to online webinars and conferences; expanding Slack use for student-faculty discussions; and converting nearly all of paper-based processes, especially those requiring signature, to Adobe Sign (electronic workflow).


CSUEB Online Campus

VIDEO: Online Campus
  • Ramping up the Infrastructure to support students: from 54% of online/hybrid student population prior COVID to 100% (~15000) all students after COVID. Ramping up the infrastructure to support faculty: from 30% of faculty to 100% (~1000) faculty members
  • Providing Workshops for all faculty with various topics.
    • Close to 200 faculty have attended 30 professional development workshops hosted by the Online Campus since the shelter in place order was issued. 
    • These virtual webinars and workshops range from how to engage students in synchronous web conferencing sessions, setting up your course grade center and creating engaging lecture videos that your students will want to watch. Faculty are led through the adoption of technology that is strongly grounded in online learning pedagogy as well as Quality Matters best practices. 
    • 160 faculty participating the summer institute
    • 100 faculty signed up for the summer QM IYOC national certification. 
    • Close to 10 faculty signed up for the OLC training courses.
  • Activating after hour phone and live chat support to be 24/7 frontline technical support for students and faculty.
  • Providing daily virtual office hours to support faculty in spring 2020.
Established Instructional continuity webpage to include all necessary instructional materials to help faculty transition into online teaching.