AppStream Catalog

The Virtual Computing experience is now available in your web browser on any modern computer (PC or Mac)AppStream allows you to access a virtual CSUEB computer wherever you are.

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Title AppStream Stack
Google Chrome Standard/Graphics
Microsoft 365 Access Standard/Graphics
Microsoft 365 Excel Standard/Graphics
Microsoft 365 Publisher Standard/Graphics
Microsoft 365 Word Standard/Graphics
Minitab 19.2020.1 (64-bit) Standard
Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Version 2021.001.20155 Graphics
Adobe Audition Build Graphics
Adobe Bridge Version Graphics
Adobe Illustrator 25.2.3 (64 bit) Graphics
Adobe InDesign 16.2.1 x64 Graphics
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Version 3.4 Graphics
Adobe Media Encoder Version 15.2 (Build 30) Graphics
Adobe Photoshop 22.3.1 Release Graphics
Autodesk AutoCAD 2021 Version R.47.0.0 Graphics
ArcGIS Pro 2.7 Graphics
Solidworks 2013-2014/2013 SP2.0 Graphics
SPSS 27 Standard


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