Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

All GE advisement is done through the General Education Program and the University Advisement Center (UAC). If you have questions about what upper or lower division GE courses you need to take call the UAC at 510-885-3621.

You Horizon e-mail account if the only e-mail address to which course communications will be sent to use as well as the address you should use when communicating with individuals at the university. This is the official way the university can contact you once you become a student. You course syllabi and important information will only be accessible through your horizon account. You can have you Horizon account forwarded to a personal e-mail account. When in Horizon - to under "Setting" and set where you want your mail forward to.

To join the department as a major you must complete and submit a CHANGE OF MAJOR FORM.

There are currently four different options in the department and the department is in the process of adding two more.

  1. Exercise, Nutrition and Wellness Option

    The Exercise Nutrition and Wellness Option explores the relationship between nutrition and exercise. Both metabolic and behavioral implications are investigated. Students may pursue careers in exercise management, cardiac rehabilitation, geriatric exercise or other careers. This option also requires fieldwork.

  2. Pre-Physical Therapy Option

    The Pre-Physical Therapy Option satisfies the majority, if not all, prerequisite coursework needed to gain admission to various Schools of Physical Therapy as well as some programs in Occupational Therapy or Chiropractic. You can check the KIN website under options for more details on some of these programs. You should always check with the desired program to see their latest pre-requisites. Recognize that this is a science based program and you will need a biology series, a chemistry series and a physical series. In addition students will need to pursue field work opportunities.

  3. Physical Education Teaching Option

    The Physical Education Teaching Option is designed to prepare students for teaching physical education in grades K-12 in public and private schools. The curriculum is designed to meet Standard Requirements set forth by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing

    Note: Due to policy changes from the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing and the Federal No Child Left Behind mandate, the Physical Education Option is periodically reviewed and changed to meet current state and federal standards. Consult a Physical Education Option Advisor for details and course requirements once they are available.

  4. Pre-Athletic Training Option

    The Pre Athletic Training Option provides students an opportunity to gain experience in the prevention, management, and rehabilitation of activity related injuries. The program is not an accredited entry-level Athletic Training education program. Students completing the option are eligible to make application to < a href=" Graduate Programs.doc">Accredited Graduate Entry-level Athletic Training Education programs. Accredited Graduate Entry-level Athletic Training Education programs. For more information on becoming a Certified Athletic Trainer, go to National Athletic Trainers Association.

You enroll for classes in the preceding quarter using MyCSUEB, an automated online enrollment system. An "Enrollment Appointment" is e-mailed to students' CSUEB Horizon e-mail account of all eligible students approximately one week before enrollment begins. New admits may view their enrollment appointments on MyCSUEB.

The Class Schedule is generally available online around the same time as you receive your "Enrollment Appointment." Read the Class Schedule, and then meet with your academic advisor to plan your program of classes. Your enrollment times are determined by your class level. You will be able to enroll or make adjustments to your class schedule any time after your assigned enrollment time. See the Class Schedule for MyCSUEB's operating hours and for enrollment procedures. If you have any difficulties enrolling, call Enrollment Management at 510-885-2784.

Adding Courses

You may add courses during your enrollment times, the open enrollment, or during the Add/Drop period either by (a) using MyCSUEB, or (b) coordinating your enrollment with the appropriate academic department office for Independent Study, Individual Study, Project, and/or Thesis courses. You have the right to add classes during the Add/Drop period, subject to having successfully completed the prerequisites (coursework and/or consent of instructor as stated in the Catalog) and to the availability of sufficient capacity in the class to accommodate you. You may add yourself up until the 2nd week of the quarter. During the second week you must get approval from the instructor to add into the class.

Dropping Courses

The word "drop" refers to official deletion of a course from your record. If you cannot continue enrollment in a course for which you enrolled in for that particular quarter, you must officially drop the course using MyCSUEB. You may drop courses through the end of the Add/Drop period without the course appearing on your permanent record. After the Add/Drop period, students may only withdraw from courses. See the next section "Withdrawing from the University" if you plan to withdraw from all courses for which you enrolled in for the term

Departments offering a class may drop you if you don't attend the first class meeting or if you have not met the course prerequisites that are published in the University Catalog. Some departments may call or email you as a matter of courtesy when they are dropping you, but other departments may not. There is no university policy and this will vary by department. Do not assume that you will be dropped automatically if you do not attend class.


This administrative grade indicates you were permitted to withdraw from a course after the end of the Add/Drop period with the approval of the instructor and appropriate campus officials. This grade does not reflect the quality of your performance and is not used in calculating your grade point average. Your instructor is urged to provide you with a mechanism to evaluate your progress in the course during the first two weeks so that you can make an informed decision regarding your continued enrollment before the beginning of the withdrawal period.

Withdrawal after the seventh week is normally not permitted. If you have attended the class, done the work, and have a valid reason for failing to complete the course, your instructor should normally assign the "I," Incomplete (Authorized) grade Withdrawal from a class after the seventh week requires verification of the reason by an impartial third party, written on letterhead stationery, and approval by the instructor, the department chair and university registrar. The requirements for withdrawal from the university from the third through the seventh weeks must also be fulfilled.

You may not withdraw if you have taken the final examination.

If you do not attend class and do not have an approved withdrawal petition, you will receive a failing grade of "WU" or "NC," depending on the grading pattern you selected for the course

The normal academic load for full-time undergraduate students is 15-16 units of coursework (12 units is the minimum for full-time status) per quarter. Students on the Four-year Degree Pledge Program must enroll in 15-16 units per quarter. Generally, you can expect two hours of preparation for each hour of classroom work.

Apply for graduation 2 quarters before your intended date of graduation. You can apply at MyCSUEB. You will also be responsible for having a graduation check completed. In Kinesiology you must first see a faculty to sign off on your grad check and then you can make an appointment with Andrea (Andie) Weicker to go over your graduation requirements. Email her at to set up an appointment.

Admission, Graduate

Yes, you may transfer up to three courses or 13 units with the departments approval.

All of the graduate courses are offered at night. Usually 6pm to 9:20pm. They are offered during the day. Many are offered two or three time a year to accommodate schedules. A "block" schedule is issued in August of each year that contains the departments offering for the whole year.

The degree designation will be: Master of Science In Kinesiology, Option in:

Degrees and Programs

Yes you can complete two options in the degree.

In some cases you can. It depends of the number of prerequisite courses you are required to complete and your entering GPA. In some cases if you have already completed a prerequisite course with a grade of at least a "B", you may take the graduate class in that area.

Possibly. It depends on your entering GPA and background in undergraduate Kinesiology.

Degrees and Programs, Undergraduate

No, but you must select an option prior to the completion of 18 units, with junior standing.

You should complete Human Anatomy and Physiology and if possible complete a Statistics course for your math General Education Requirement.

The program is designed, through it’s options, to provide you with the skills that will enable you to get a job in a variety of fields from physical therapy to teaching physical education.