Student Employment Opportunities

The department has a number of peer mentor programs to help students master the content in core courses.  These mentor programs not only support students taking classes, but also provide students who become mentors with a paid position and valuable professional expereince.  Being a peer mentor is a rewarding experience.

Supplemental Instruction

This program is run through the Student Center for Academic Achievement (SCAA).  The SCAA Supplemental Instruction (SI) Program provides peer-assisted, collaborate, and active study sessions that improve understanding of subject content, fosters critical thinking, and encourages life-long learning to classes that are core to the Kinesiology major.  Students attending trhe SI sessions typically improve their grades by up to a letter grade.  SIs have successfully completed the course for which they are providing mentorship.  Currently we have SIs for KIN300 Critical Inquiry, KIN301 Musculoskeltal Anatomy, and KIN306 Exercise Physiology. 

Dartfish Mentors

Students who successfully complete Biomechanics Kin 303 mentor and provide assistance to current students on both biomechanical concepts and on the Dartfish Motion Analysis system.  This program offers students an opportunity to gain experience tutoring their peers.  It also provides  support for students taking biomechanics classes that helps with student success.  Students also gain experience in working with and applying a software application used extensively for performance analysis and provides 'added-value' to the student learning experience.

Contact: Dr. Vanessa Yingling

Extra Opportunities

If you applied for FAFSA you are eligible for Federal Work Study and can apply for paid work in the Kinesiology Lab.  This opportunity helps students develop their technical kinesiology skills as well as helping to contextaulize program content and help them be successful in their kinesiology courses.

Contact: Andrew Denys