Advising & Admission


The department has a dedicated team of advisors to help students identify the classes they need.  Meeting with the advisors frequently is the basis for success and timely graduation.  The department also has a Faculty Advising Fellow who works closely with faculty, advisors and students to ensure you stay on track to graduate as well as a Student Success Coach.  Please feel free to reach out them. 

Faculty Advising Fellow:  Dr. Albert Mendoza

Student Success Coach:  Angela Byrns

Advisors:  Monica Green: Peter Lee

We have developed numerous information sheets to help guide you to the career path that interests you and the courses you will need to take.  Please follow the links below to access them.

I want to be a KIN major

I want to go to PT school

I want to be a PE teacher

I want to be an Athletic Trainer

I want to be a Strength & Conditioning Coach

I want to be an Orthotist

I want to be a Fitness Specialist


If you are interested in applying to any of our degree programs please take a look at the overview and requirements which can be found here.  Please also feel free to contact the department to speak to an advisor or a faculty member.  To apply for the undergraduate degree you need to access Cal State Apply.  Please check out the East Bay Admissions web site for more details.  If you are interested in the MS Kinesiology please contact the Director, Dr. Cathy Inouye.