Course Evaluation

Spring 2024
Most Spring 2024 course evaluations will open on 04/21/2024. The majority of evaluations will close after 05/04/2024. Start and close dates are specific to each course, depending on course duration. View the course evaluation schedule below to calculate evaluation dates and times. Or Check Response Rates within Canvas after your survey has begun.

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Individuals that require accommodations for this event please contact Accessibility Services by November 8, 2023. 
email: | phone: 510-885-3868 

Step-by-Step Guides

Course Evaluation Guides

Need help with your course evaluations? Below are step-by-step guides for students on Accessing Evaluations in Canvas. Also step-by-step guides for faculty for Checking Evaluation Response Rates and Interpreting Evaluation Reports. 


Student Guides

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Faculty Guides

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The Online Campus is the designated office to oversee the computerized processing of the Academic Senate approved course evaluation forms (Student Evaluations of Learning Experience).


Student Evaluations of Learning Experience Contact Information:

Kara Finch – Online Campus


Student Evaluations of Learning Experience:

Most courses use the online course evaluation application. Students, please check with your instructor for information regarding your specific course. If enrolled in a course taught by multiple instructors, you will receive multiple surveys for that course, one for each course instructor. Please be careful to note the instructor named on the survey you complete and fill out all of the surveys for the correct course.  

  • The Office of the Online Campus has been working with the Data Warehouse team to automate the Student Evaluations of Learning Experience process. The course evaluation survey start and end dates are based on this timeline. Students will receive an email when the survey becomes available. As a reminder, students can access evaluations via email link and Canvas.
  • To help make the evaluation process more convenient, students can complete the online and hybrid surveys online via computer or mobile device. Hold your mobile device horizontally in order for the questions to line up properly.
  • The course information is on the evaluation once opened. Students, please make sure that you are evaluating the correct course.
  • Students will receive a Horizon e-mail with a link to each course evaluations, with an embedded password. The email is from Evaluations Coordinator and the subject line is Email Notification of Course Evaluations Open. Students will receive a separate email for each course enrolled in that is using this online course evaluation format. It is important to make sure spam filters are not blocking these messages.

Student Evaluations of Learning Experience is an integral part of the continuous improvement of curriculum and instructional quality at Cal State East Bay. The surveys provide the university with feedback on course content and instructor effectiveness and provide the instructor with useful feedback in improving future teaching. Students, YOUR OPINION MATTERS! Instructors welcome suggestions from students and take them very seriously. All evaluations responses are completely anonymous. Reports, based on anonymous student feedback, are not available to the departments and/or faculty until after all course grades are final.


If you have any questions or concerns during the evaluation period, please send them to Online Course Evaluations at