Is Online Right for Me?

Online degree programs at Cal State East Bay are surprisingly achievable and especially convenient for busy working adults. Our fast, flexible semester system makes it possible to earn your online degree at your own pace. You can even accelerate your degree progress by attending classes year-round. You’ll enjoy a personal, student-centered learning experience, with professors who are experts in their fields.

How Does it Work?

As a semester-system campus, the majority of online courses are 15 weeks in length. (Refer to the course listing for accelerated courses, which offer a shorter schedule.) Bachelor’s degree completion programs and master’s degree programs can be completed in two years if you are a full-time student and have already completed any prerequisite courses. To graduate in a timeframe that works for you, check with the academic department offering your program to determine your optimal course schedule.

Advantages of Online Education

Advantages of an online education include:

  • Fits family and work schedules and allows you to learn at your own pace—no need to attend class on specific days or times
  • It's "green"-online classes save on gas, commuting and parking
  • It's less stressful-no traffic, parking, or missed classes because of work, family emergencies or illnesses
  • Everyone participates-online learning offers more interaction with classmates and instructors
  • Courses are built for students with diverse learning styles and abilities—all required course content is designed for accessibility

The amount of time required to complete online coursework depends on the number of units per course. Allow approximately 2.5 hours of work per unit on any given week. For example, if a course is worth 3 units, you should dedicate at least 7.5 hours per week to your studies.

Students who have taken online courses recommend the following:

  • allowing plenty of time to complete the coursework
  • studying a little each day to keep up with the workload
  • going online as often as possible