In the table below, the planned semester courses and their quarter equivalents are presented:                           

Semester vs Quarter Equivalents
 BIOL 100  Biology in the Real World                             BIOL 1000 Basic Concepts in Biology
 BIOL 101 Introduction to Biology      BIOL 1001 Introduction to Biology
 BIOL 102 Introduction to Biology Lab       BIOL 1002 Introduction to Biology Lab  
 BIOL 140A Principles of Cell and Molecular Biology                            

 BIOL 1401 Molecular and Celluar Biology  AND     

 BIOL 1402 Plant Biology      

 BIOL 140B Principles of Organismal Biology         

 BIOL 1402 Plant Biology  AND 

 BIOL 1403 Animal BIOLOGY

 BIOL 230 Introduction to Clinical Microbiology  BIOL 2025 Introduction to Microbiology
 BIOL 270 Human Anatomy & Physiology I  BIOL 2010 Human Physiology and Anatomy I
 BIOL 271 Human Anatomy & Physiology II  BIOL 2020 Human Physiology and Anatomy II
 BIOL 301 Biology Connections  BIOL 3011 Foundational Biology
 BIOL 302 Biology Connections Laboratory  BIOL 3012 Foundational Biology Laboratory
 BIOL 310 Genetic Analysi I  BIOL 3121 Principles of Genetics
 BIOL 315 Marine Biology  BIOL 3215 Marine Biology
 BIOL 320 Evolutionary Biology  BIOL 3130 Principles of Evolutionary Biology
 BIOL 330 General Mirobiology  BIOL 3405  Microbiology
 BIOL 333 Humans and Sex  BIOL 3065 Humans and Sex

 BIOL 334 Humans and the Living Planet

 No quarter course equivalent
 BIOL 335 Humans: Health and Disease  No quarter course equivalent
 BIOL 350 Ecology  BIOL 3110 Principles of Ecology
 BIOL 352 Biogeography  BIOL 4130 Biogeography
 BIOL 356 Freshwater Environments  BIOL 3216 Freshwater Environments
 BIOL 368 Fungi of California  BIOL 3510 Biology of Fungi
 BIOL 370 Animal Physiology  BIOL 3151 Principles of Animal Physiology
 BIOL 410 Genetic Analysis II  BIOL 3122 Principles of Developmental Genetic Analysis
 BIOL 415 PCR, Sequencing and Fragment Analysis  BIOL 4485 PCR, DNA Sequencing and Fragment Analysis
 BIOL 420 Cell and Molecular Biology Undegraduate Seminar   No quarter course equivalent
 BIOL 424 Bioinformatics  BIOL 4490 Bioinformatics
 BIOL 425 Techniques in Mammalian Cell Culture  BIOL 4450 Cell Culture Techniques
 BIOL 426 Advanced Molecular and Cell Biology  BIOL 4455 Molecular and Cell Biology
 BIOL 427 Molecular and Cell Biology Lab  BIOL 4456 Molecular Techniques
 BIOL 428 Genomics  No quarter course equivalent
 BIOL 430 Microbial Physiology and Metabolism  BIOL 4405 Microbial Physiology and Biochemistry
 BIOL 431 Medical Microbiology  BIOL 4413 Medical Microbiology
 BIOL 432 Microbe-Host Interactions  BIOL 4142 Microbial Symbioses
 BIOL 433 Microbial Ecology  BIOL 4340 Environmental Microbiology
 BIOL 434 Molecular Microbiology  BIOL 4143 Molecular Microbiology
 BIOL 440 Molecular Virology  BIOL 4441 Principles of Virology
 BIOL 441 Parisitology  BIOL 3441 Biomedical Parisitology
 BIOL 442 Epidemiology  BIOL 3410 Epidemiology
 BIOL 443 Hematology  BIOL 3430 Hematology
 BIOL 444 Medical Entomology  No quarter course equivalent
 BIOL 445 Immunology  BIOL 4430 Immunology
 BIOL 454 Biology of Fungi  BIOL 4425 Biology of Fungi
 BIOL 455 Vertebrate Biology  BIOL 4583 Vertebrate Biology
BIOL 458 Animal Behavior  BIOL 4518 Animal Behavior
 BIOL 460 Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Undergraduate Seminar  No quarter course equivalent
 BIOL 466 Population Biology  BIOL 4175 Population Biology
 BIOL 468 Molecular Biology  No quarter course equivalent
 BIOL 469 Conservation Biology  BIOL 4350 Conservation Biology OR BIOL 4351   Biological Conservation
 BIOL 470 Animal Senses  BIOL 4513 Animal Senses
 BIOL 471 Neurobiology  BIOL 4510 Neurobiology
 BIOL 472 Neurobiology Lab  BIOL 4512 Applied Neurobiology
 BIOL 473 Comparative Physiology  BIOL 4504 Comparative Biology
 BIOL 474 Biomedical Physiology  BIOL 4160 Medical Physiology
 BIOL 475 Global Change Biology  BIOL 4355 Global Change Biology
 BIOL 476 General Endocrinology  BIOL 4505 General Endocrinology
 BIOL 488 Environmental Physiology  BIOL 4516 Environmental Physiology
 BIOL 601A Foundations of Scientific Research  No quarter course equivalent
 BIOL 601B Foundations of Scientific Communication  No quarter course equivalent
 BIOL 602 Preparation for Undergraduate Instruction   in Biology  No quarter course equivalent
 BIOL 610 Seminar in Cell and Molecular Biology  BIOL 6821 Graduate Seminar in Cell and Molecular   Biology
 BIOL 616 Cell and Molecular Biology I  BIOL 6151 Cell and Molecular Biology I
 BIOL 618 Cell and Molecular Bioloy II  BIOL 6152 Cell and Molecular Biology II
 BIOL 620 Functional Genomics  BIOL 6147 Functional Genomics
 BIOL 622 Advanced Molecular Techniques  BIOL 6141 Advanced Molecular Techniques
 BIOL 630 Seminar in Microbiology  BIOL 6831 Graduate Seminar in Microbiology
 BIOL 631 Microbial Physiology and Biochemistry  BIOL 6405 Microbiology Physiology and Biochemistry
 BIOL 650 Seminar in Ecology & Evolution  BIOL 6801 Graduate Seminar in Ecology
 BIOL 652 Advances in Ecology and Evolution  No quarter course equivalent
 BIOL 653 Community and Ecosystem Biology  BIOL 6160 Community and Ecosystem Ecology
 BIOL 655 Phylogenetic Methods  BIOL 6550 Phylogenetic Methods
 BIOL 657 Environmental Experimental Analysis  BIOL 6120 Environmental Experimental Analysis
 BIOL 670 Seminar in Physiology  BIOL 6811 Graduate Seminar in Physiology
 BIOL 671 Advanced Topics in Physiology  No quarter course equivalent.
 CHEM 111 General Chemistry I

 CHEM 1101 General Chemistry I

 CHEM 1102 General Chemistry II

 CHEM 112 General Chemistry II

 CHEM 1102 General Chemistry II

 CHEM 1103 General Chemistry III

 CHEM 230 Survey of Organic Chemistry 

 CHEM 2301 Survey of Organic Chemistry I

 CHEM 2302 Survey of Organic Chemistry II

 CHEM 331 Organic Chemistry I

 CHEM 3301 Organic Chemistry I

 CHEM 3302 Organic Chemistry II

 CHEM 332 Organic Chemistry II 

 CHEM 3302 Organic Chemistry II

 CHEM 3303 Organic Chemistry III

 MATH 115 College Algebra   MATH 1130 College Algebra
 MATH 120 PreCalculus

 MATH 1130 College Algebra 

 MATH 1300 Trigonometry and Analytic Geometry

 MATH 130 Calculus I

 MATH 1304 Calculus I

 MATH 1305 Calculus II

 PHYS 125 Principles of Physics I

 PHYS 126 Principles of Physics II

 PHYS 2701 Introductory Physics I

 PHYS 2702 Introductory Physics II

 PHYS 2703 Introductory Physics III

 STATS 303 Statistical Methods in Biology  STATS 3031 Statistical Methods in Biology