General Information

Internships are a professional learning experience that typically offers an opportunity for a participant to engage in work and/or learning opportunities that are relevant to a specific discipline or career field of interest. A wide variety of organizations, including research centers/labs, educational institutions, governmental agencies, businesses, and non-profits, offer intersnhip opportunities. Typically interns are provided with on site/out of the classroom, hands-on experiences while under the supervision of experienced personnel. Internships can be paid or unpaid, typically have a defined start and end date, and can run for several weeks to several months. They may be part-time, often accommodating the student's academic schedule, or full-time positions. 

Participating in an internship offers a variety of benefits. Generally speaking, it is a great way of exploring your career field of interest which can be helpful if you are not quite sure of your path. You can gain practical experience and/or learn new skills in your career field of interest which may, in turn, instill you with more confidence and relevant knowledge prior to applying for a related position. Internships also offer networking opportunities by providing you with a chance to meet or work with individuals who are established in the field. Further, as a Biology major here CSUEB, you can elective units when you participate in an internship. For more information about earning units for an internship, please visit the FAQs on our Departmental website (see first post under General Advising Questions).  


Internships Opportunities

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Resources and Search Engines

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