Research Related Opportunities

There are a number of reasons why you may want to consider conducting research during your undergraduate career. The benefits for undergraduates who get involved in research are many. They include:
  • hands-on experience exploring concepts learned in the classroom;
  • a first-hand exploration into how hypothesis-driven lines of thought are examined;
  • practice engaging in critical thinking, numeracy, discipline-based literacy;
  • an opportunity to engage in both independent and team-based, collaborative efforts which are both invaluable skills for many careers;
  • an opportunity to decide if you like research and might want to pursue a research-related career in the future;
  • additional experience that professional schools regard favorably since it can allow for a unique insight into health-related curriculum and literature;
  • a chance to work more closely with and provide mentorship from faculty​
What is Summer Research About?
A summer research program is an opportunity for undergraduates to get paid to work on a research project for the summer with a researcher. In many cases, participants also take various workshops or seminars related to the research and/or future opportunities such as graduate school. Sometimes these summer research programs have alternative titles such as summer internship or REU - Research Opportunity for Undergraduates. 

Why Should I Consider Participating in a Summer Research Opportunity?

  1. There are a number of reasons to undertake research projects in the summer
  2. As an opportunity to get involved with types of research you may not have here at California State University, East Bay
  3. To get a chance to see how a national laboratory or observatory runs
  4. To make contacts at other universities, laboratories, observatories (these may come in handy later if you go on to graduate school)
  5. To get a different perspective on the kind of research that exists in your field of interest
  6. To spend a summer somewhere really interesting

You can read more about the importance and benefits of undergraduate research in this 2007 Science article