BCP Curriculum including Exit Exam Info

 Biotechnology Certificate Courses (20 units)

This program has a fixed curriculum of 20 semester units. The curriculum is organized such that a full-time student can complete the program in one academic year. All courses are offered once a year, during the day (with a few exceptions). If students are unable to take all 8 required courses in one academic year, you must discuss your options with the BCP coordinator (Dr. Maria Gallegos) as certain classes need to be taken in a specific order. Finally, to remain in the program all BCP students must earn a B average or higher during each semester.


Foundation Courses

Take the following three (3) courses for 5 units:


Lab Courses

The following 15 units of lab coursework is required:

NOTE: As a BCP student, enrollment into BCP lab courses is guaranteed. To enroll in Biol 415, 424, 425, 622 and 620, please email Natalie Granera, our office manager in the Department of Biology and CC: the BCP coordinator no later than four weeks prior to the first day of the semester. Use your horizon email account and provide your net ID along with the list of courses and preferred section times. Use MyCSUEB to enroll in all other courses including Biol 601A, 616 and 601B. 


Road Map



Exit Exam

Completion of all required courses and a GPA of B or higher is a prerequisite for taking the exit exam. 

The BCP exit exam is administered once a year, during the Monday and Tuesday after finals week. The exit exam consists of 7 sections, one for each of the 6 required courses (excluding 601A and 601B) and one section of calculations relevant to the cell and molecular biologist.  There are no units associated with the exam.

The calculations section will be offered on the first day of the exit exam. This section will be graded on the spot. Any errors found can be redone during day one. You must get 100% correct on this section in order to proceed to the second day of exams. The grading scale for the remaining sections are as follows: + (1 point), +/- (0.5 points), or – (0 points). A minimum of 4 points is required to pass the BCP exit exam and obtain the Biotechnology Certificate.