What to do if you are accepted into the BCP

What to do if you are accepted into the BCP

Assuming you have successfully applied to the University, you should be able to go to MyCSUEB and accept your admission. Failure to do so will delay your ability to enroll in classes in a timely manner. For more detailed information click here.

If you have not received your official acceptance from the University, your application may not have been processed (check back periodically) or it may be incomplete. To check the status of your application and determine if you have anything on your “To Do List”, log into MyCSUEB. Under the “Student Center” tab, you will find your “To Do List” on the right-hand side of the page. Please click on “details”. 

Next, you must enroll in courses for Fall. Failure to enroll in fall courses will cause you to be dropped from the BCP program. This process is automatic. We recommend that you enroll in courses at least four weeks prior to the first day of classes. If this is not possible due to admission issues, please contact the BCP coordinator. 

IMPORTANT: As a BCP student (or MS student wanting to take BCP courses), enrollment into BCP lab courses is guaranteed (Fall courses: Biol 601A, BIOL 415, BIOL 424 and BIOL 616).

To enroll into your fall (and spring) courses please email Kathy Palmer (kathy.palmer@csueastbay.edu) and CC: Natalie Granera (natalie.granera@csueastbay.edu) the office manager in the Department of Biology and Maria Gallegos (maria.gallegos@csueastbay.edu), the BCP coordinator as soon as you are able prior to the first day of the semester. Use your horizon email account and provide your net ID along with the list of courses and preferred section times.

Once the BCP coordinator approves your request you will be enrolled.  

The process for enrolling into your Spring courses (Biol 601B, 425, 622 and 620) will be the same as above.