How We Work

College graduates earn twice as much as a high school graduate, and neighborhoods with educated populations also confer wide-ranging benefits to the economy, such as lower rates of unemployment and higher wages even for workers without a college degree. 

Early Learning

“There’s a chain reaction. You get involved in one thing and then you find out more.” April Vinson, HPNs Community Advisory Board member and Parent Advocate for children with special needs. 

It starts before children enter kindergarten. HPNs brings to the community outreach through community outreach workers (Promotoras), quality pre-school curriculum and instruction, early childhood programs, and a home visitation nurse, among many services.

Cal State East Bay’s Community Counseling Clinic, the only free counseling program in the area, serves toddlers and entire families while training Educational Psychology students to serve the community. 

Neighborhood Health and Empowerment

The community environment and parent achievement is the focus of this area. Multiple strategies are used to reduce family mobility, provide fresh food for low-income families and seniors, increase literacy, and promote adult career technical educational classes to foster family economic mobility. 

Cal State East Bay coordinates the Community Leadership Initiative to develop parent advocacy skills and engage parents in projects to improve and advance the community. 

Cradle to Career Education

Cal State East Bay coordinates college transition and career development programs through internships, scholarships, and coaching. The Promise Interns program trains and develops undergraduate students to work in schools and partnering agencies which support K-12 services. Student Success Coaches support Hayward students in partner high schools and in transitioning to Cal State East Bay. Scholarships are also available for Hayward Unified School District students pursuing STEM degrees at Cal State East Bay.  

How you can help

  • Support scholarships for students from Hayward Unified School District high schools or transferring from Chabot Community College who want to attend Cal State East Bay. Contact Brad Vartan at (510) 885-3183, for more information.
  • Explore a corporate volunteering or giving partnership. Contact Brad Vartan at (510) 885-3183, for more information.
  • For volunteer opportunities with HPNs partners (tutoring, food distribution, neighborhood clean-up, etc.) contact Lucy Cisneros (