Reinstatement and Readmission Following Academic Disqualification

Students who have been academically disqualified should complete the steps below to be reinstated/readmitted to the university.

Step 1:
Since your status no longer allows you access to many services on campus, Academic Advising and Career Education ( AACE) has designed a webpage to help you better understand your situation. You are strongly encouraged to thoroughly read this Disqualification Information, which guides you through what your status means, how to qualify for reinstatement, repeating courses, and general questions related to disqualification. It also provides you with important tools to prepare you for the steps toward reinstatement. If you are a participant in EOP or Project IMPACT , we advise you to speak with your counselor regarding your academic status.

Step 2:
Students who have not attended CSUEB for two or fewer semesters:

Students who have not attended CSUEB for three or more semesters:

If you have questions about submitting the forms above or if you are unsure what courses specifically to retake to raise your GPA above a 2.0, please schedule an appointment with a counselor by sending an email directly to with your full name, NetID, and your availability.

For more information, including a list of Frequently Asked Questions, visit Understand Academic Disqualification.