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Degree Roadmaps/Course Schedule

The information provided below is intended to help students in planning for graduation. The degree roadmaps below are presented as 4-year plans (or 2-year plans for upper division degree completion programs). In order to graduate in 4 years (or 2 years for degree completion), students will need to take an average of 30 semester units per year. If you take fewer units per year, it will take longer to graduate.

Bachelor's Degree Roadmaps
Degree  Degree Roadmaps   Annual Course Offering Schedule  Other
Anthropology (ANTH); B.A. PDF
Art (ART); B.A, B.F.A. PDF
Communication (COMM); B.A. PDF
Criminal Justice (CRJ); B.S. PDF
English (ENGL); B.A. PDF
Environmental Studies (ENVI); B.A. PDF
Ethnic Studies (ES); B.A. PDF
French (MLL); B.A. PDF
Geography (GEOG); B.S. PDF
History (HIST); B.A. PDF
Human Development (HDEV); B.A. PDF
International Studies (INST); B.A. PDF
Liberal Studies; B.A. PDF
Music (MUS); B.A. PDF
Philosophy (PHIL); B.A. PDF
Political Science (POSC); B.A. PDF  
Sociology (SOC); B.A. PDF


Spanish (MLL); B.A. PDF  
Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology (SLPA); B.S. PDF
Theatre Arts (THEA); B.A. PDF  
Master's Degree Roadmaps
Degree  Degree Roadmaps   Annual Course Offering Schedule 
Health Care Administration (HCA); M.S.

(Fall Admission) PDF

(Spr. Admission) PDF
Public Affairs and Administration (PUAD); M.P.A.

(Fall Admission) PDF

(Spr. Admission) PDF
Art-Multimedia (MM); M.A.


Social Work (SW); M.S.W.


Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology; (SLPA), M.S. PDF

*Please contact departments. Any roadmap documents held by departments supercede the above information. Please refer to the schedule of classes for most accurate and up-to-date information on course offerings.