Diversity Advisory Council

Diversity Advisory Council

The University Diversity Advisory Council (DAC) role will assist the University Diversity Officer in coordinating the implementation of the University Diversity Plan. More specifically, the DAC will:

  • Report on the metrics associated with diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Review and refine the strategic plan for diversity with annual goals to encourage increased recruitment and retention of diverse faculty, staff, and students
  • Disseminate information to members of the University community regarding "best practices" which encourage diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Provide communication on diversity, equity, and inclusion issues between and among colleges and other institutional units
  • Consult on the creation of diversity, equity, and international studies webpages
  • Assess the University's "cultural climate" and recommend changes based upon findings
  • Sponsor programs and activities which support diversity, such as a Week of Diversity, Multiculturalism, and Social Justice
  • Discuss and recommend the development of related initiatives and institutes 

DAC Mission

The Diversity Advocacy Committee of the CSUEB aspires as a community-dedicated group to address inequity by:

  • Always prioritizing mindfulness that we are answerable to students.
  • Acting as conduits; centering students and the needs of the campus by interrogating and dismantling barriers and exclusivity.
  • Fulfilling the roles of advocates, allies, accomplices and disruptors
  • Operating through the lens of critical race theory,  social Justice, anti-oppressive, non-hierarchical and non-dominant ways of being
  • Acting as navigators to collaboration and cultural change actions.
  • Enriching, educating, and promoting DEI awareness answerability
  • Being  pro-active, and responsive to changing campus DEI needs.

DAC Action Plan


Diversity Definitions



This committee will work collaboratively with relevant CSUEB stakeholders to create and implement staff professional development initiatives.
This subcommittee will collaborate with relevant CSUEB stakeholders to further cultural competency, culturally responsive teaching, and critical pedagogy.

This subcommittee will keep the DAC abreast of relevant CSUEB DEI data, national data trends and lead the bi-annual faculty, staff, and student diversity climate survey.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Dissertations



This subcommittee will assess CSUEB's current student equity needs, collaborate with existing committees, make recommendations to the campus community for action, create an inventory of current practices and resources.

DAC Members

ASI President, Associated Students Incorporated (ASI)

Belen Menjivar, Outreach/ Admissions Counselling

Nicholas Baham, Professor of Ethnic Studies; Diversity & Equity Liaison Officer (DELO); Chair of the Faculty Diversity & Equity Committee (FDEC)

Christina Chin Newman, Professor, Human Development

Claire Valderama-Wallace, Assistant Professor, Nursing

Claudia Quezada, Admin Analyst 

Denise Johnson, Confidential Admin Support, Academic Affairs

Elizabeth Wright, Assistant Professor, Kinesiology

Fanny Yeung, Director, Institutional Research & Analysis

G Reyes, Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership

Geraldine Torbik, Manager, Human Resources

Jazzmin Matthews, ASI, Diversity Senator 

Jose Padilla, Disc Coordinator, Diversity Center 

Jessica Weiss, Professor, Faculty Development

Jillian Buckholz, Director of Sustainability, Academic Affairs

Kevin Gin, Sr. Strategic Partner, Effectiveness and Research 

Kim Geron, Professor, Political Science

Kimberly Baker-Flowers, University Diversity Officer, Office of Diversity

Kenrick Ali, Director of University Unions

Keri O'Neal, Professor, Faculty Development 

Linda Dobb, Associate Provost, Academic Affairs

Maha Jacobs, Lecturer, Communication

Mariela Esquivel, Diversity Center 

Martin Castillo, Associate Vice President, Campus Life

My-Lan Huynh, Associate Director of Residence Life

Neilah Peku, ASI, Senator of Class

Pamela Baird, Director of Accessibility Services

Patrick Prusinovski, Student Engagement Coordinator, Student Life and Leadership Programs

Richard Watters, Executive Director, Alumni & Constituent Relations

Rocio Camarena, Administrative Support Coordinator, Office of Diversity

Rosalina Johnson, Senior Investigator, Investigations

Ryan Gamba, Instructor, Health Sciences

Shannon Coskran, PACE Counselor & Coordinator, Academic Advising & Career Education

Shauna Hong, Director of Counseling Services

Terri Labeaux, Title IX Coordinator, Investigations 

Tyler Luevano, ASI, Director of Programming Council 

Winnie Kwofie, Associate Vice President, Facilities Development & Operations