Diversity Assessment

Commitment to Inclusiveness: Surveying Our Campus Climate

A Message from President Morishita

Dear members of the University Community,

California State University, East Bay's mission statement affirms its desire to welcome and support "a diverse student body with academically rich, culturally relevant learning experiences that prepare students to apply their education to meaningful life work, and to be socially responsible contributors to society."

To assess progress made toward fulfilling its mission, vision and values, a Campus Climate Survey was conducted in the fall quarter of 2016, examining the environment and atmosphere for our staff and faculty who work and teach at the university. The survey was previously administered in 2014. This report represents the culmination of the results - a detailed account and analysis can be found below. 

Of particular note is that the respondents believe Cal State East Bay fosters a diverse teaming community that is of benefit to the development and success of our students; provides a supportive work and teaching environment for faculty and staff; and emphasizes an inclusive, respectful environment among peers for an overall desirable campus climate. Importantly, more than 90 percent of respondents reported no experience with harassment or social exclusion incidents, and harassment incidents have not only decreased but are being reported more frequently, thus allowing a timelier response. 


President Leroy M. Morishita

Whom can I contact with additional questions regarding the Campus Climate Survey?

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding the survey and/or the survey process, please do not hesitate to contact.

Fanny Yeung
Director, Institutional Research, Analysis, and Decision Support
(510) 885-7689

Linda Dobb
Associate Provost
(510) 885-3773

Carlos Salomon
FDEC Chair, DELO, Professor of Ethnic Studies
(510) 885-2191