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You will be able to pay your application fee online. Your application will not complete without the payment. 

* We're aware of the technical issue with this application portal (Your application status shows "Saved" or your screen gets frozen after you pay the application fee). We're sorry for the inconvenience, but please email the receipt of your application fee payment to for faster process while we're investigating the issue. Please do not submit your application twice. 

You will pay the application fee online AFTER you receive a Net ID (CSUEB Student ID) and activate it.

Credit Card or eCheck (CASHNET) or International Bank Transfer


Step 3: Activate Your Net ID

You will receive your NetID (CSUEB student identification number) in your admission package or by email from Global Academy. Activate your Net ID as soon as you receive your Net ID information.

Step 4: Wait for Your Admission Letter and I-20 (Certificate of Eligibility)

We will process your completed application as quickly as possible. Please allow at least one week for processing.

If you are transferring in to a program within the Global Academy from another institution in the United States, please submit this Transfer Form in addition to your program online application. You will receive an admission letter only, and after completing the transfer process, new I-20 will be issued following New Student Orientation and class registration.

You may request to defer your application to the next available term at no additional cost. This request will need to be made in writing prior to the first day of the term that you originally applied for and only one free deferral is available per applicant. If you missed the deadline or if you already requested a deferral previously, you will be required to pay a new application fee of $150.

How to request to defer your application: 

Step 1: Complete one of the following deferral applications and email it to

Step 2: Pay the $150 application fee. (If it is your second (or more) time to request deferral)