Current Students

Resources for Current Students

The ALP Student Handbook is given to you at the new student orientation. It provides guidelines and resources for ALP students and helps you get the most out of your experience at Cal State East Bay!

If you plan to continue to study in the ALP Intensive English Program in the following session, you must submit ALL of the three things by the announced deadline (usually the last day of current session):

  1. ALP will send you an online survey via email.  *you must be logged in to your Horizon email from a browser (like Chrome or Firefox, not an email app) to complete this form. If you have trouble opening the form from your phone, try using a PC (desktop or laptop). 
  2. Purchase CSU-Sponsored Health Insurance or submit proof of Government-Sponsored Scholarship
  3. Pay tuition and any other outstanding balance

*A late fee of $75 will be charged after the announced registration deadline.

Registering for Classes

For ALP Intensive English Program students, your classes will be selected based on your placement test results or performance in previous sessions at ALP. You can check your class schedule on MyCSUEB.

***For Visiting Student Program, follow the Open University Registration policies***

***For Certificate Programs, follow the University Extension Registration policies***

For new students, the tuition payment deadline is the first day of the New Student Orientation.

For continuing students, the tuition payment deadline will be announced during the previous session. The date is published on the ALP Activities Calendar or you can check with the ALP office.

You may pay by cash or check by mail or in person. You may pay with a credit card online only.

Grades and Transcripts

A transcript is the official record of your academic achievement at Cal State East Bay and the American Language Program (ALP). You may order copies of transcripts to send to yourself or other educational institutions.

Academic Advisor & Office Hours

We always strive to help students achieve their personal and academic goals. If students have any questions or concerns, they can feel free to drop in or make an appointment to meet with any of our staff members. Students are also encouraged to visit their instructors' office hours to ask questions and get help with their coursework.

Please use an appropriate form for what you need and submit it to the ALP office.

If you need/want to...