What Makes Us Special


The Department of Music welcomes and supports a diverse student body by offering all students outstanding culturally relevant musical and educational experiences within a nurturing and inclusive environment. These experiences provide opportunities for personal and professional enrichment by developing a greater appreciation for, and understanding of, the art of music. Through performance, creative activity, research, scholarship, and teaching, students are prepared for careers as performers, composers, teachers, and independent scholars, and for advanced study.


The CSUEB Department of Music promises to

  1. Cherish the distinct identity of each student by cultivating meaningful relationships and tailoring personal educational journeys.
  2. Recognize the unique circumstances of our students, including their complicated personal lives, and strive to offer sound and flexible advising and educational experiences tailored to each student's specific needs.
  3. Deliver expert and practical instruction and coursework while upholding the highest academic standards expected of a department accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music.
  4. Empower our students by acknowledging their status as aspiring professionals, respecting their individual artistic and personal expressions, and honoring their lived experiences.
  5. Adjust to the dynamic and ever-changing landscape of the music profession and ensure that our students are equipped with resilient educational experiences that will serve them beyond their academic years.

Your success as a CSUEB student studying music is our mission. We are dedicated to fostering an environment where your individuality is celebrated, your unique circumstances are understood, and your aspirations are supported by a curriculum that combines professionalism with excellence and rigor. Our commitment extends beyond the classroom, aiming to empower you as a future music professional. Together, we adapt to the ever-evolving musical landscape, ensuring that your educational experiences equip you for success well beyond graduation.

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Composition / Music Production Showcase

CSU East Bay is one of the most diverse university campuses in the United States, and the music department is no exception. We acknowledge that music of all genres and from all cultures are valid modes of artistic expression and are worthy of academic study. As such, the CSUEB Composition Studio has no stylistic or genre-based requirements or preferences when it comes to the music that our students write.

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Vocal/Instrumental Showcase

These recordings are from student recitals in classical instrumental, vocal, and jazz performance. Music majors take one-on-one lessons with our outstanding faculty and also perform in ensembles of all shapes and sizes.

Our Ensembles



Bachelor of Arts in Music

Private Lessons in:
  • Music Composition/Music Production
  • Instrumental Performance (Classical/Jazz)
    • Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon; Saxophone(s); French Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba; Harp, Violin/Viola, Cello; Piano, Guitar (Acoustic, Electric), Bass (Acoustic, Electric); Percussion; Jazz Drums.
  • Vocal Performance (Classical)

The Music Minor

A music minor is a great option for a student who is passionate about music, performance or conducting, but who chooses to major in another field. Our program aims to broaden, as well as deepen, students' understanding of the art of music and offers a good deal of flexibility!

Master of Arts in Music

The M.A. in Music is not accepting new students at this time while we restructure the program. Any interested graduate students should contact the department for further information.

Graduate Certificate in Music Education

The 31-unit Music Education Graduate Certificate is a sequence of courses designed to prepare students to successfully apply and complete a Single Subject (in Music) Education Credential and become successful music teachers in K-12 California schools.

Our Spaces

Our main Recital Hall is located on the main floor, MB 1055. Its wonderful acoustic properties are perfect for any chamber and/or vocal performances. Our Instrumental Rehearsal Studio, also located on the main floor, MB 1039, is more than large enough to accommodate our thriving symphonic and jazz bands. Both spaces are record-ready, and are connected by a state-of-the-art recording studio in the upper level.

At the heart of our thriving music community is the Music Resource Center (MRC). A depot of performance and study materials for music majors, the MRC boasts a robust collection of scores, parts, and media materials (LPs, CDs, Videos, and DVDs) that help to positively augment the curricular offerings at CSU East Bay. This office also coordinates room scheduling and handles concert and student recital scheduling and printed program production. READ MORE >>

The Music Equipment Office is responsible for the repair, maintenance, issuance, movement, setup, storage, and inventory control of musical instruments, equipment and accessories for the Department of Music. READ MORE >>
Our electronic music studios provide extensive state-of-the-art facilities for music synthesis, electronic composition, and digital recording/ editing/ processing/ mixing. READ MORE >>

Practice Rooms

There are over 24 practice rooms throughout the building, on both floors. They are reserved for music majors and minors, and are available for use anytime the music building is open.