Music Ensembles

Auditions and Placement take place during the first meeting of each semester.

Make sure you attend the first class, and don't hesitate to reach out to ensemble directors for any questions!

East Bay Singers (Choir) MUS 351B

Meets Mon & Wed 1-2:50pm in MB 1055

The East Bay Singers perform regularly on campus, in the community, and on annual tours as ambassadors of CSUEB. Comprised of 32 voices of both non-majors and music majors, the East Bay Singers' engaging repertoire is chosen from the vast history of the choral music. Singers are given individual attention for developing their voice and their musical skills, and sing exciting music from the past 600 years from all over the world.

East Bay Wind Symphony MUS 353

Meets Tue 4-6:50pm in MB 1039

The East Bay Wind Symphony is one of the Music Department's flagship large ensembles, featuring woodwind, brass and percussionists. Comprised of majors and non-majors alike, the ensemble performs on campus, all over the East Bay and on tours across California and surrounding states. The Wind Symphony is recognized for innovative programming and superb musicianship in performance.

East Bay Jazz Orchestra MUS 355

Meets Thu 4-6:50pm in MB 1055

The program's flagship big band, the CSU East Bay Jazz Orchestra has toured extensively in Europe (2000, 2003, 2005, 2007) and Brazil (2001). The band's mission is to represent and pass the oral and aural traditions of jazz to the next generation of musicians and listeners. The Jazz Orchestra also aims to demonstrate the “swing feel” along with the other essential elements of jazz. Additionally, the ensemble will perform contemporary and cutting-edge music by today's leading jazz composers.

Rock Band (MUS 360)

Meets Wed 5-6:50pm in MB 1039

Open to music majors and non-majors, as well as community members, the Cal State East Bay rock band welcomes singers, guitar players, bass players, keyboards and drummers/percussionists who want to learn and perform in a rock band environment. Built around performance, this class will study music from many different genres of rock. Stage presence, the use of sound gear and rock music composition will also be covered.

Chamber Ensemble (MUS 361)

Meets Tue 1:30-3:15pm in MB 1055

Ensemble focused on performing repertoire for small combinations of instruments. This group provides a unique opportunity for students to collaborate closely, enhancing their musical communication and interpretative skills. Students will explore works from a variety of periods and styles, fostering a deep understanding of chamber music dynamics and performance practices.

Percussion Ensemble (MUS 363)

The Percussion Ensemble is a unique chamber experience for both percussionists and students with some percussion background. The ensemble presents one performance of wide-ranging and stimulating music per semester on-campus. Students will engage in detailed study and performance of both traditional and contemporary percussion literature, developing their technical proficiency and ensemble cohesion. This course encourages creative exploration and innovative programming.

Chamber Orchestra (MUS 365)

Meets Wed 7-8:50pm in MB 1039

Chamber orchestra is open to music majors and non-majors and welcomes violins, violas, cellos, and basses to learn and play different styles of music, including classical, movie, video game, pop, and rock. This ensemble focuses on developing ensemble skills, musicianship, and interpretive abilities through a diverse repertoire. Students will have opportunities to perform in concerts, collaborate with guest artists, and participate in special projects that highlight the versatility and richness of chamber orchestra literature.

Electronic Music Ensemble (MUS 366)

Meets Mon 5-6:50pm [location TBD]

The Electronic Music Ensemble (EME) is comprised of diverse undergraduate and graduate students who expand the boundaries of traditional composition and performance through explorations with analog and digital technologies, including everyday objects, music instruments, live electronics, fixed media, and performance-installation.

Piano Ensemble (MUS 367)

Meets Fri 2-3:30pm in MB 1055

The Piano Ensemble course at Cal State East Bay involves an intensive study of piano duet (one piano, four hands) or piano duo (2 pianos, four hands) repertoire from a diverse array of styles. Students are expected to rehearse with their partners regularly and they receive one weekly coaching. All students are expected to bring repertoire to performance readiness and present a public recital at the end of the semester, usually combined with the Piano Studio recital. The course satisfies the upper-division chamber ensemble requirement and can be repeated multiple times.

Jazz Combo (MUS 368)

Meets Thu 4-6:50pm in MB 1055

Jazz Combo offers students the chance to perform in a small group setting, emphasizing improvisation, interaction, and the development of a personal voice within the jazz idiom. The repertoire includes a mix of jazz standards and contemporary pieces, with opportunities for students to arrange and compose. Regular performances and workshops with guest artists provide professional-level experience.

Vocal Repertory Ensemble (MUS 369A)

Chamber ensemble focusing on repertoire for solo voice and small and large combinations of voices with special attention paid to Art Song and peer review and collaborative assessment of performance practice. This ensemble helps vocalists refine their interpretative skills and stage presence, preparing them for solo and ensemble singing in professional and academic settings.

Chamber Singers (MUS 389B)

Small vocal ensemble focusing on repertoire for chamber choir, mixed voices. The Chamber Singers perform a diverse range of music from Renaissance polyphony to contemporary compositions. Emphasis is placed on vocal blend, intonation, and expressive singing, providing members with a rich, immersive experience in choral artistry.

The East Bay Jazz Singers (MUS 369C)

Members of the 12-voice East Bay Jazz Singers are chosen by vocal audition. This collection of outstanding musicians specializes in the performance of vocal jazz and a cappella arrangements. The Jazz Singers present concerts both on and off campus, on tours and in concerts and festivals, you can often hear them singing solos with jazz combos or joining the CSUEB Jazz Orchestra or guest artists.

A Cappella Ensemble (MUS 369D)

Small vocal ensemble focusing on repertoire for a cappella ensemble. This group performs music from various genres, including classical, jazz, pop, and world music, all without instrumental accompaniment. Members develop their aural skills, rhythmic precision, and stylistic versatility, culminating in dynamic performances both on and off-campus.