Music Resource Center

General Information

At the heart of our thriving music community is the Music Resource Center (MRC). A depot of performance and study materials for music majors, the MRC boasts a robust collection of scores, parts, and media materials (LPs, CDs, Videos, and DVDs) that help to positively augment the curricular offerings at CSU East Bay. This office also coordinates room scheduling and handles concert and student instrumental/vocal recital scheduling and printed program production.

CSUEB Music Resource Center Holdings
Location: MB 2047 Phone: 510-885-3167 Email:

Check Out Procedures

1. CSUEB students, alumni who are current members of the Music Alumni Chapter of the CSUEB Alumni Association, and faculty may check out scores, anthologies, vocal/piano scores, and sets of scores and parts for any combination of instruments housed in our Music Resource Center Library.

  • Checkout limit: 5 scores or sets of score and parts at any one time.
  • No student may checkout any materials if he/she has overdue materials still out.
  • Music borrowed is due the last day of finals of the semester during which it is checked out, and may be renewed if needed for performance or rehearsal for the following semester.

2. Students may check out recordings (CDs & DVDs) on a limited basis.

3. Check out of music from the Orchestra and Choral music libraries is limited to CSUEB Music Faculty for use by Music Department performance groups and classroom instruction and study.

Lost or damaged music is the responsibility of the person whose name appears on the checkout card, and that responsible party will be issued a bill for replacement or repair of the music. Late fees of up to $10 per item may be assessed after the item is 30 days overdue.

Instrumental/Vocal Recital Scheduling

1) Instrumental/Vocal Junior Recital dates will be scheduled as part of the Recital Class (MUS 380) during the Fall Semester. Students wishing to schedule a recital date while not enrolled in the Recital Class will need special permission from the Applied Music Committee.

2) A recital date for a Senior Recital must be scheduled by the student and the MRC prior to the end of the add/drop period of the previous semester.

Junior, Senior and Ad Hoc recitals may not be scheduled during the last week of regular classes of a semester or during final exam week, nor during the weekend between these two weeks. Departmental approval is required for recitals scheduled during academic breaks.